8 signs you’re in a toxic work environment

Many people do their job in the best way and surely you give more than the company expects from you, however, you could be getting sick without realizing that you are in a toxic work environment.

Find out if you are in a toxic work environment

#1. You can not sleep

You suffer from insomnia because you spend all your time thinking about the pending issues of the day that has ended or the day that is on its way, you cannot fall asleep, which means that you are in the extreme with your work.

#two. You have a constant headache

The muscular tension in the areas that surround your head is becoming more constant, they act like this by associating your workplace as a danger zone.

#3. your muscles ache

A clear sign is that your shoulders are hunched and your jaw is set, of course, you are receiving emails all the time and are on the defensive against any unpleasant co-worker or intense boss.

#4. worsen your mental health

Your stress levels increase when you perceive that your work is going to be pointed out by your boss, when you believe that at any moment your boss will call you to pass the letter to you and when you feel that you are being treated unfairly. You feel all the time.

#5. You get sick frequently

Surely you do not believe that the flu is a disease, however, constant flu can be synonymous with something happening to your body and your immune system.

#6. you are tired all the time

Literally, one thing leads to another, if you don’t sleep, if your muscles aren’t relaxed and your head is spinning about work issues, you will feel tired, the constant fatigue will make you think that you work too much.

#7. You lose sexual interest

When you take your work home, whether material or mental, you will not be able to concentrate on your home activities, you will really feel that not even time will be enough to have sex, because to have it you need to be very relaxed.

#8. Your stomach doesn’t work properly and you lose your appetite

Indigestion, constipation and bloating can be associated with stress, eating what you shouldn’t and when you shouldn’t because of the desire to fulfill your duties, they won’t give you time to think about a correct diet and obviously you will even lose your appetite.

With information from Huffington Post