8 signs that your ex is still in love with you

If you have the suspicion that your ex still loves you, check these signs that give him away, you will know if he still pins for you.

Ending a relationship is one of the worst things that can happen to us in life, however, there is something worse than that, and that is loving someone without being reciprocated. Despite how bad the above may sound, it is still possible to sink your heart further into the mud, how? Because you are in love with a person who no longer loves you, but with whom you had something. I’m sure it’s happened to you, and maybe it will happen to one of your exes without you realizing itmaybe one that you cut.

Find out with the following signs…

  • 1. tea cella even though you no longer have anything.

  • 2. You discover that avoid the places they went togethereven if they were his favorite places before he met you…

  • 3. Drop hints with friends, family, and on social media about how you’ve changed, specifically in the past. defects for which you finished him.

  • Four. contact you constantly unnecessarily, with apologies that even he himself does not believe.

  • 5. Whenever they meet, even by chance, return to the topic of why did they end.

  • 7. Insist on follow you on social networks, even though you block it over and over again; They can even create fake profiles to find out about your life.

  • 8. Keep in touch with your circle of friends and even with some of your relatives. This gives one goosebumps!

If you do any of these 8 things, you will surely continue swallowed from you!

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