8 salsa songs to dedicate in many situations

exist salsa songs to dedicate that definitely leave their mark and invite us to listen to them and dance to them… Or, well, to have a little while we listen to them and remember old times.

There is no other musical rhythm that makes us move the body and the feelings, like salsa. Created from the inspiration of African drums and the typical sounds of the American Caribbean, salsa has served for lovers, excited and old loves, dedicate songs, express their love and bring all their feelings to the present through great songs.

If you want to know what are the songs to dedicate to my boyfriend or remember some salsa hits to fall in love with them, fall out of love, dance and say all those things that silence the heart, then you are going to love this top of great songs and you will want to dedicate them right now :

Salsa songs to dedicate to someone I like

Salsa has lyrics that go straight to the heart and these will be the best excuse to tell that man or woman that you like so much, that you want to be part of their life and why not, tell them that you want to dance them tight while they dance! you sing in the ear!

Divine Woman – Joe Cuba

Surely you’ve heard it a thousand times and danced as many. This song from the year 1973 and belonging to the album Done and right – Doin’ it righthas been the inspiration for many lovers who shout from the rooftops that they love someone romantically:

You are – Santiago Cerón

This is a great song of the romantic sauce. Many, in the heat of a rum, have dedicated this song to tell the other person how important they are. With this hit from the year 1991 included in the LP My wayyou will dance and fall in love with whoever:

Romantic salsa songs to dedicate to a man

Salsa in its most romantic version is a true delight. Its cadenced rhythm is ideal for hitting the tiles and telling them all those things that make us feel and that we love about their personality. Perhaps these songs are the best to dedicate at this very moment:

I Like It – Andy Montañez

This is another one of those songs to open your heart and let your feelings be known. Andy Montañez has played her since 1985 and thanks to her, several generations have fallen in love to the bone:

Idyll – Willie Colón

If there is an artist who has very nice songs, it is Willie Colón. To express everything you want to say to that man who drives you crazy, this song could be a great ally and maybe you’ll end up dancing to it on an unforgettable night:

Romantic salsa songs to dedicate to an ex

When love ends there are many things left to say and the feelings of affection could turn into anger, hatred and sadness. In that case, it would be worth taking out everything you have inside and dedicating a very brave song:

I freed myself – Great Combo of Puerto Rico

This hit from 2001 (which seems to be older), is ideal for crying out “what doesn’t work shouldn’t get in the way”. Belonging to the long term New millennium – same tastethis song will speak for itself, so dedicate it and sit back and wait for the result:

Niche Group – Delivery

Definitely the dean of Colombian salsa is Grupo Niche. This song performed by Javier Vásquez is like a dagger straight to the heart when a relationship comes to an end. He listens to his lyrics and dedicate it to that bad love that made you suffer:

Salsa songs to dedicate to a son

Children are the reason for life for many and precisely, salsa songs also pay tribute to the purest feelings in memory. Look at these themes and dedicate them to those reasons that make you fight and dream every day:

Love and control

The music of the Panamanian Rubén Blades could not be missing. This song has played in almost every home and is the reason for many parents to tell their children that they will always be by their side and that no matter what happens, love solves everything:

Niche Group – My Son and Me

Inescapable and necessary. This song composed by the master Jairo Varela, was released in 1989 and it is true that it is an acrostic of the name of José Luis Santacruz, son of Chepe Santacruz, friend of the Grupo Niche directors. It has a beautiful letter that is worth dedicating:

We cannot include all salsa songs and that is why we want to ask youwhich one is your favorite to dedicate to that special person? Leave us your answer in a comment and share this article on your social networks.