7 things that make men less attractive

How many times have you rejected a man on the first date because he did things that made him less attractive? Many, right? Here we show you 7 of those that we do not support.

There is no denying that the first impression always counts and a guy who smokes like a chimney on the first date, surely for many girls, will not leave the best impression. Whether you are dazzled or disappointed depends on them. Of course, only time will show you what he really is.

One of your eternal conversations with your friends is about the profile that makes a man attractive… Among the conclusions that can kill the crush between you and him are:

1. Misspellings:

Some men overlook that writing with misspellings is in bad taste. If they send a dedication through social networks, they are even more evident. It is normal that you decide to run away, because you notice that he is an unprepared boy.

2. He is usually rude:

Sometimes not with you, but with others. If you observe this attitude in that boy you are meeting, watch out! because at any moment you could be the victim. It is also rude when in your presence a burp or gas escapes. No one is perfect, but a little decency is worth!

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3. The cigarette:

For some girls this habit is attractive, but it may not be for you. Advertising sells you the idea that a man is sexy if he smokes, but actually having him blow smoke in your face is not nice at all. Or if?

4. Video game fanatic:

So tired! Listening to that guy talk about only video games and soccer is super tedious. The men who catch your attention and who are really worth it for you are those who handle all kinds of topics, those who are able to maintain a fluid, interesting and entertaining conversation.

5. Unconcerned about his appearance:

Do you like your boy to take care of his way of dressing and to use a rich perfume? To any woman… One thing is that because of the work she does, she is not always seen as an executive guy and quite another is to smell bad on a date.

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6. Underwear With Holes:

Over time, if the relationship works out, you’ll find out what his boxers are like. You will be able to notice if he uses them tight, loose or even with holes. If you realize that he has this «ugly habit», you will no longer see him as sexy. I assure!

7. Sexist jokes:

Some men tend to believe that if they express themselves badly about other women, you will find it funny, but they are really wrong. Jokes that denigrate the integrity of other girls cause you to remove him from your list of candidates.

Taken From AlwaysWoman