7 Signs Your Relationship Is 100% Over

Money, travel, jobs, those things were complicated. But dating? Easy. You would find someone you liked, he would like you too, and you would hang out until you got married. They then hang out some more, have some kids, and are buried next to each other. The children they had together stopped by from time to time to leave some flowers. It’s not a bad life.

If you’ve ever dated, you know that real life is basically the same except your crush doesn’t like you, your house is on fire, you never sleep because of the kids who date, neither of you make enough money to live your dreams which causes resentment and you didn’t like each other very much to begin with so you hate each other for the rest of your lives and people tell a fake love story at your funerals because they didn’t really know anything about you really , to get started.

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Sounds good?

dating and marriage they are never easy. People tend to think that if they stick together they’ll be fine. But realistically, that’s not always the case. be with someone should make you happy. I should give it a support system, an extra leg to stand on.

If you’ve been with someone for a while, you’ve probably had trouble with this question:

How do you know when to break?

Here are 7 telltale signs your relationship is over.

1. You don’t want the same things.

In any relationship, there will be things in which don’t agree But the difference here is the life goals.

One of the most important is having children: if one of the members of the couple wants children and the other hates absolutely the idea, this can provoke tension in the relationship. If your partner is determined to live out their days in another country or travel the world and you can’t bear to leave your family behind, this can become a big problem.

These are the general ideas that most people much less willing to compromise. Even if someone gives up their lifelong dream of being close to you, there is no guarantee that you will be happy with that choice. The resentment can build and cause cracks in the entire foundation of the relationship.

2. You are constantly trying to make them happy and they don’t reciprocate.

In any kind of relationship you shouldn’t be the only one struggling. It is not fair to expect a person carry the weight of a relationship. Both in the couple have to invest time, desire and heart to make it work.

If you’re the only one making any kind of gestures, the only one inviting them to hang out, the only one trying to make sure they’re happy, then a world of pain awaits you. This type of relationship usually it ends up hurting you more than anything and that is simply not sustainable.

3. You are no longer captivated. In love/or less not even interested

The honest truth is that sometimes feelings fade. It’s hard to admit, but you notice your love fading, even though you still have respect for your partner. This is when you have to acknowledge those feelings and try to do as little damage as possible.

You must be honest and tell your partner how you feel (or more exactly how you’re not feeling). At least this way you’re not giving them false hope.

I know from personal experience that that’s almost harder to accept than the actual breakup. Your partner deserves someone who wants and loves them: if that’s not you, it’s time to let them go so they can find someone who really does.

4. You begin to feel that life would be easier without your partner.

Some people really make your life difficult. This is tied to the number two, which means that you shouldn’t be with someone who asks so much of you and it doesn’t bring you back to that, but also to the idea that some people honestly begin to have a negative effect on your life when you go out with them.

If your partner is begging for extravagant gifts that you know you can’t paygiving unfair ultimatums, provoking fights left and rightor demanding more than you can give, does not respect your needs.

If you think life would be easier without them, you’re probably right. Just make sure you make this decision with a clear mind and not out of spite.

5. They are together because they feel obligated to be, not because they want to be.

If you’ve been with someone for years and you’re sick of the relationship, get out of that dynamic as soon as possible. Yes the dinner table is silent either the bedroom is aloneyou may have lost that spark.

You can try to work around this problem by going out of your way to make time for your partner, taking time to get to know each other again, going to therapy. But if nothing works and you’re not happy, it’s better for everyone to end up with a farce that only causes suffering to avoid appearances.

As a daughter of divorce, with many friends who are also children of divorce, children are not a «good» reason to stay in an unhappy marriage. I could write a book on this subject. everyone deserves to be as happy as possible. His children will suffer as much, if not more, with two repentant parents than with functional divorced parents.

The point here is that if you’re not happy, there’s a reason. If you’re stuck in a relationship, I don’t think it really qualifies as a relationship anymore. love connection.

6. You have no real interest in being in an ongoing relationship.

if your partner wait that this relationship become something else and you don’t see it going anywhere, it’s probably time to cut things up. Goading someone or letting them believe that they have a chance at a future with you is cruel.

have casual dates is also totally normal and acceptable, but if a person don’t know that’s what you’re doingthen you are being unfair to her.

The difference between both people knowing that it is a fun relationship, but it wouldn’t beand a serious relationship that you know that it will never be long term for you is that your partner has the option to participate. If you know, you know. And that’s fine! Just don’t let anyone think otherwise.

7. You feel like you’re becoming someone you’re not proud of.

One of the biggest difficulties in dating is allow yourself to become something you are not. It’s easy to slip into the personality of what someone wants you to beor the «ideal» bride or groom figure.

In a good relationship you should be comfortable being exactly who you are, unlimited. The person you are with should value you for who you are, flaws and all.

The other problem that could fall into this category is that you feel yourself becoming manipulative or aggressive. If you’re becoming this way as a result of a toxic relationship, get out of it and take some time. to focus on yourself.

The same thing happens if someone treats you badly; get out as soon as you can.