7 reasons to hate the bra

Definitely, the bra is a garment that we cannot stop using –although many of us would like to leave it– a garment that brings us problems, suffering and frustrations.

Friends of upsocl They made a list of reasons why a bra can become a headache and in many of them we agree.

1. Many of them are expensive

Sure, the lace ones, the most sensual, with inlays, a small piece of clothing that can cost as much as a full dress.

2. We have to settle for black, white and skin

Although we all want the most beautiful and brightly colored ones, it is unlikely that they will go out or match the clothes in our closet; conclusion, whites, blacks and skin.

3. The sizes are never the same

It’s just that bra sizes are complicated and lose all sorts of meaning once you try them on, wow!

4. The worst, it is difficult to find our size

We are so unique that if we are very big or very small we will never find the perfect bra, always touch, buy and fix.

5. Strapless bra? So that…

We all have strapless bras, but we never use them because we always end up in unavoidable accidents.

6. All must be washed by hand

This is a problem if we forget that all the clothes we wear end up in the washing machine due to lack of time to do it correctly.

7. If the bra is lace, you can’t wear it with thin shirts.

Through the thin shirts you can notice the textures, if they are lace, with inlays, colors, something that is very uncomfortable when they look at us a lot.

Taken from Upsocl