7 advantages of being single and living alone

Every time they tell you «the train is leaving you», remember the good thing about being single…


You may not be greeted when you arrive at the house (well, no one who doesn’t meow or bark), but you’ll also have the chance to don’t come if you don’t want, and you won’t have to explain yourself to anyone! However, do not forget to give water and food to your pets.


It’s easier to diet when you live alone, because if you don’t want to eat you don’t eat, and, most importantly, you eat what you want! You don’t have to think about preparing anyone’s food… Although you will have to get used to sitting alone at the table.


You can have the house cleans longer when you live alone, because there is less foot traffic, less dishes to wash, less clothes to wash, etc. But you can also simply not do a job, and nothing happens!


You can wear the ruana house with your friends without worrying about letting the baby sleep or not bothering your husband, because you don’t have one! But beware, do not become the annoying neighbor who does not let the whole building sleep, they will make your life impossible!


Having autonomy is one of the best feelings a woman can feel. Do not ask anyone what they want to eat, do not fight over money, be the only one to consult decisions… The bad thing is that if you have a lot of debts, the responsibility is also only yours.

Sex and the City

One of the best things about being single is that you can have sex and explore your sexual possibilities with whoever you want, without worrying about being horny to anyone. But hey, take care! Don’t get into trouble, remember that sex is fun if you do it responsibly.

your self esteem will rise

All of the above will your self-esteem goes through the roof, because you will be that independent and cosmopolitan woman that you always dreamed of. Enjoy your singleness! Burn that stage, you will have time to enjoy marriage and motherhood.

What do you think? Do you like being single or married more? Write what you think in the comments of this note and tell us about your experience.