6D ultrasound, would you do it?

Technology does not stop taking us down, now we have the possibility of knowing something more about our children while they are in our womb, 3D ultrasound is out of fashion, is the surprise over?

Now, through 6D Ultrasound, fetuses can be seen with greater clarity, detail and almost in real time. “The ultrasounds are a nice memory for the parents and an early meeting. Thanks to this new equipment, we can now send that experience directly to mom or dad’s phone via email and all in Super HD. The images are impressive”indicates Rafael Ascenzo Aparicio, director and specialist in fetal ultrasound at the Miraflores Clinic, the only entity in Peru that has this technology.

The transfer of images is immediate, since the equipment is synchronized with the smartphone of the parents. In fact, at the time the ultrasound is done, the mother is already receiving the images instantly and live. Photos can be transferred in Super HD videosreports and more.

“Ultrasounds in pregnancy have a very important emotional component for the couple. Having them on your mobile and being able to see them as many times as you want is wonderful. In addition, it can be shared on social networks with family and friends. It is definitely something revolutionary.»says the specialist.

The 6D ultrasound allows to provide much more information to the pregnant mother and thoroughly evaluate the fetal heart and brain, which are complex organs of study. Thus, malformations can be ruled out well in advance.

A novel aspect of the new team, called Voluson E-10, is its Radiance system, which allows you to see the baby’s tissues as if they were transparent. In addition, it has the software HD Live that uses an artificial light and another «virtual» to give the image greater precision and sharpness.

«With this we can detect in advance if there is a lack of oxygen or nutrients and anticipate any other problem that needs immediate intervention to save the baby’s life»says Rafael Ascenzo Aparicio.

Taken from El Comercio