6 traits that make a person attractive

Read very well because if you have any of the 6 traits that make a person attractive This article is for you.

Much has been said that attractive people are bad in love. But physical beauty is about having qualities that go beyond a 90-60-90 body or a well-marked «chocolate bar», human beings find beauty subjectively.

We invite you to discover how science gives us 7 tips to look stylish and attractive and the features that will make you the center of attention:

The most striking features in a person

Between tastes (…) That’s why we want you to know the 6 traits that make a person attractive according to science. Some of these traits naturally strike us. Meet them!

The tendon of the forearm

they consider rudeness symbol that a man be marked the veins of the arms and the tendon that stands out right where the wrist begins. In your body is present the so-called «vestigial muscle» of the forearm. If you are not marked, do not worry; It does not affect or benefit you in any way. Do the test!

frecklesa really intriguing trait

For your information, They are not exclusive to redheads. As for makeup tips if you have freckles, it is important that you know that they contain a high concentration of melanin, a protein responsible for skin pigmentation, which is “active” with sun exposure. Without a doubt, they give vividness to the face in an impressive way.

dimples in the face

This is perhaps a very important one from the list of 6 traits that make a person attractive. People who have two dimples on their cheeks when they smile, give you joy just by looking at them; It is also considered an attraction that arouses sexual interest. Those who possess this characteristic reflect transparency. Very well!

cleft chin The most coveted trait!

This trait, also known as cleft chin either dimpled chin it is an attribute that automatically gives you powers of seduction.

It is not very common to see cleft chin women, however, there are, in men there are two aspects, the cleft «simple» or definitely a very cleft chin. It should be noted that it is synonymous with elegance. Whatever your case, this aspect draws a lot of attention.

hip dipsthe signal strength

some nice hips drive men crazy in the street, and not to mention in bed. They are indentations in the upper part of the thighs, that give them a different view, however if you exercise and take care of your diet they will look super sensual.

The dimples of Venus

These are our favorites; I assure you that anyone loves them. In fact very few people in the world have them. These two slits are located on the lower back and they are known as «dimples of Venus». Normally the girls who have them have a perfect body, with a low fat index.

What does it mean to be an attractive person?

We generally perceive it by physical characteristics that are striking as they are not common and that also arouses a certain level of curiosity and pride in being able to access them while being with the person who owns them. Attractive people are usually popular, who relate naturally to others, this also increases their interest.

What elements make a person attractive?

The ability to communicate fluently, a good sense of humor and an attitude of security are part of the characteristics that enhance the personality of an individual.

So you already know. Do not be ashamed of what makes you unique or unique. What feature do you have? And if you don’t have any of the above, would you add any others to this list of 6 traits that make a person attractive? Tell us!

Taken from Badabun