6 possible causes & what you can do

The Grunt tends not to be one of the sounds you think of when you think of one Dog introduces. Even funnier is it when the four-legged friend suddenly does this funny noise might.

However, many dog ​​owners lapse quickly concerned about health her fur nose.

Is it dangerous if the dog grunts?

In a nutshell: Why is my dog ​​grunting?

If the dog gruntsalmost so like a pighas the usually no serious causes.

Dogs often grunt with joy – for example while playing – as well as people while laughing sometimes grunt.

The noise can also arise when the dog has a cold or he is currently changing teeth.

Allergies are also a common reason for grunting.

In some cases, grunts can also occur serious illnesses like the tracheal collapse indicate.

My dog ​​keeps grunting – Harmless causes

Dog grunts with joy

The probably most common cause is for the grunt Joy.

Regardless of whether while playing or if he when going for a walk his canine friends encountered – is the dog like that really excitedis the grunt in some quadrupeds No rarity.

Dog grunts with satisfaction

What could be nicer than with his favorite people to cuddle? Dogs think so too! While cuddling so can you too a grunt of satisfaction escape.

This can also happen when petting or eating.

Dog grunts when changing teeth

Young dogs lose within the first year of life her milk teethso that second teeth can regrow.

Meanwhile, the gums are often irritated and swollen.

When inhaling can sometimes do that grunting noise develop.

More serious causes of grunting

Dog grunts because of cold

A cold is above all in the cold months also quite normal for dogs.

Due to the increased formation of mucus, the dog when inhaling ever grunt.

Dog grunts because of hay fever

Like humans, dogs can have allergic reactions to certain substances.

Typical is about hay feverespecially in spring when going for a walk occurs.

Included the mucous membranes swell of the dog often on and create the grunt.

Dog grunts when sneezing backwards

The reverse sneeze is a phenomenon that above all in dogs with a short neck can happen.

The dog repeatedly and jerkily breathes in air through its nose – just like when you sneeze, only backwards!

Pathological or breed-specific causes that lead to grunting

Dog grunts because of allergic reaction

Although many Allergies just uncomfortable are, can allergic reaction also become dangerous.

Grunting can then indicate shortness of breath due to a swollen and narrowed airway.


Dogs have the ability to move their nostrils independently. So they can smell right and left at the same time. This has the advantage that they can follow several tracks at the same time.

Dog grunts because of foreign object in throat

If dogs something delicious under the nose comes, it usually is jerk in her mouth disappeared.

Above all when going for a walk it can happen that the gourmet accidentally swallowed a foreign objectwho then gave him gets stuck in the throat.

While this doesn’t always directly lead to shortness of breath or choking, it restricts the dog’s breathing and can cause grunting.

Dog grunts from tracheal collapse

A Tracheal collapse is a diseasethe genetically inherited will and special often in small dog breeds such as this chihuahua occurs.

This causes the trachea to collapse, causing severe shortness of breath, which can also lead to grunting.

True, the disease can not be curedshe can with medication however, be treated so that the dog still have a good life can lead.

Breed-specific reasons for grunting

breeds one particularly short snout have grunt often due to the deformation their airways.

This is often a result of torture and can very uncomfortable for the dog be, is fundamentally however no reason to worry.

Dog breeds such as the boxer, pug or bulldog are often affected.

Can I do something about the grunting?

Mostly that is Grunt no problem and does not need to be treated.

Is it due to a Cold, allergy or serious illness before, the best way to counteract this is this treat as recommended.

Then disappear too the grunt.

When sneezing backwards, the dog’s larynx can be massaged or the nostrils pinched shut to stop the seizure.

When should I see a vet?

Always then, if the dog is unwell or appears illa veterinarian should be consulted to have the reason for the grunt to investigate.

Even if the dog swallowed a foreign object has should enter as soon as possible vet visited be to the to remove object and to avoid suffocation.

For breed-typical reasons for grunting, a vet visit is recommended if the noises become more frequent or intensified and the dog appears unwell.


Your own dog grunts like a pigseems however healthy and happyis the grunt no reason to worry.

Especially when cuddling or playing, it is even a sign that your furry friend is happy!

It seems to the dog not going well or is he genetically inclined to breathing problems however, should have the noise not ignored become, because it can also indicate an illness.

Has your dog ever grunted? What was the reason for this? Tell us in the comments!