6-pointed star, meaning that you may not have known!

You may have been wondering about the 6 pointed star and its meaning. This is the moment for you to solve some doubts about this enigmatic element.

For centuries, many symbols have acquired different meanings for humanity and when it comes to the 6-pointed star, it seems that everyone thinks of one thing. Far from just having a shadowy representation or dark cults, all kinds of stories are attributed to this object around it and obviously, not all of them are true!

In case you want to know what the meaning of quartz is and also to understand in depth the story of the 6-pointed star, then we will tell you what we know about it:

6 pointed star meaning

This is an emblem composed of two equilateral triangles that overlap and form a 6-pointed star or hexagram. It is said that the appearance of the six-pointed star became known as we know it today, in the fourteenth century. At that point in history, it had an origin that had mostly a magical meaning. Many people from Eastern Europe hung it on the walls of their houses with the sole purpose of driving away evil spirits. Also, alchemists used it to represent the connection between heaven and earth. From that, its use was distorted and it was taken in different rites of a pagan nature to offer human lives to their gods.

6 pointed star esoteric meaning

In the field of esotericism, the Star of David is usually known as a great amulet. This is not just a custom of modernity, for centuries people have sought protection against negative forces in it and, at the same time, it has been used as an element to attract positive things. In esotericism, jewelry and amulets are usually made with this symbol, since it would connect the wearer with positive energies, providing good luck and giving people the benefit of good health.

Meaning of the 6-pointed star according to the bible

Its presence in the sacred book of Christianity is attributed to King David who was the first king placed by God on Earth. David also faced the giant Goliath becoming a warrior king and conqueror. According to the Bible, King David’s son, known as King Solomon, recorded the battle between David and Goliath on his ring with a symbolic hexagram of that energy and the constant struggle between heaven and earth.

Meaning of the 6-pointed Star of David

Beyond its merely religious meaning, the popular Star of David officially appears in the year 1941. The Nazis began at that time a cruel persecution against the Jews to extinct them from the earth and in this task, they used it to mark their houses and clothes with this symbol to know that a Jew had fallen there at the hands of the pure race. Later, in 1948, the State of Israel was established and this symbol was used to be the shield and to be part of the flag of that country. With this star he pays tribute to King David.

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