6 Hairstyles with loose hair, easy and divine

The hairstyles with loose hair They can be used for any occasion, they don’t take much time and you can make them at home.

We know! There are many women who prefer to leave their hair free to literally avoid «headaches», breaking their hair, to look more stylized and take the opportunity to show some highlights in their hair.

So that every day you have a look different and see you renewed, we are going to share 6 simple hairstyle ideas that you can use on any occasion.

1. Hairstyles with braids and loose hair

It’s a look that you can use on vacation or in a relaxed plan with friends. You must make 3 braids on one side, allowing the rest of your hair to be loose and, if you prefer, you can wear it straight or with slight waves.

2. Hairstyles with loose and long hair

Loose waves are in fashion. It is a very easy hairstyle since you only need to make slight waves with an iron or a hair curler from the middle of the hair to the ends, giving it a natural fall and movement.

3. Easy hairstyles with loose hair

The perfect smooth never fails and you can use it on occasions when you need to dress a little more elegant. It’s as simple as making a half side run and throwing your straight hair down to the other, taking care to accompany it with a very sober makeup.

4. Hairstyles with short loose hair

For special moments, short hair can be impressive. It is important that you comb it and leave it as smooth as possible, in this way you will be able to give it the volume to move it back and thus hold two wide lateral strands with a clip. It will be a look very youthful but sophisticated.

5. Hairstyles for girls with loose hair

Loose hair in girls can be accompanied by thin braids so that their hairstyle is perfect in any situation. Try taking a top bun with a very thin strand and add two simple side buns with waves so that they fall gently on her shoulders.

What kind of hairstyle with loose hair should I wear to a night party?

The sixth hairstyle is designed as an option for evening galas, it combines very delicate braids with semi-tied hair and loops at the end, taking care not to overload the hair with ornaments.

We also show you hairstyles for curly hair that you can easily do at home. Share them with the Vibra community on your social networks.