6 celebrities with Asperger Syndrome

This syndrome attacks 3 out of every thousand children and more often boys than girls, this is a behavior that is part of autism spectrum disorders.

Affected people show difficulties, of varying severity, in social interaction and communication, as well as activities and interests in areas that are usually very restricted and in many cases stereotypic.

the so-called Asperger syndrome, despite the fact that it sounds unknown to many people, it is much more common than it seems. With its different variations, it affects many people around the world.

According to Argentine Asperger Association (AsAAr)this disorder affects people in how they make sense of the world, process information and relate to others, so sometimes patients have problems relating to society.

These are the characteristics of said disease.

Throughout history, and also in the present, many well-known characters have suffered from this syndrome. From great scientists who changed the course of humanity to renowned artists.

Albert Einstein

The physicist, recognized worldwide for his theory of relativity and for having won a prize Nobel in 1921, suffered from the disorder. It is known that she did not start speaking until the age of 4 years. In addition, as a child he had constant tantrums and repeated each sentence several times.

Steven Spielberg

Known worldwide for having been a producer and director of great films, such as The Gremlins or SharkSpielberg lives since childhood with this syndrome.

“I always liked being alone. When I was little I could spend hours with my toys. I loved doing complex narratives, like a movie. He repeated the same thing over and over again, doing what, I didn’t know, was a script,» said the director.

Bill Gates

The man who changed the world of computing with the introduction of the operating system microsoft, showed signs of Asperger’s or autism throughout his life. He still has continuous rocking motions when focused, avoids eye contact, and tends to be angry.

Tim Burton

Director, producer, writer and designer, he has always invented his own worlds, which has been reflected in his films. His ex-wife Helen Bonham, It was the one that confirmed that he suffered from the syndrome.

Keanu Reeves

Known for his role as Neo in the saga of Matrix, this actor has shown several signs of suffering from this pathology. Very fleeting glances and difficulty establishing social relationships are some characteristics.

Leo Messi

This soccer genius also suffers from it -although some deny it- since all his attention was focused on his best friend «the ball», in his childhood he was an automaton, shy and autistic.

This syndrome is also known as «Syndrome of genius».

Taken from TN.Com.Ar