5 tips so you don’t live in regret all your life

In a book published by Nurse Bronnie Ware 5 things or situations are compiled that most of his palliative patients regretted having stopped doing

The book is called The 5 main regrets of the dying (The Top Five Regrets of the Dying) and the publication made us think about our present.

These are the 5 regrets before I die

#1. “I wish I had had the courage to live a life true to my principles, and not the life that others expected of me”

The message is clear and it is the most common, many people, feeling in the twilight of their lives, see with sadness that they could not fulfill half of their dreams.
Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, and forget about the impossible, you are a being capable of achieving what you want.

#two. «I wish I hadn’t worked so hard»

Do you live to work or work to live? A very common regret among these people is that they never enjoyed the company of their children and partner for overdoing their work.
Today it is easier to be close to your family while you work with the help of technology, however you must prioritize your work duties and also give your family a place, seeking balance is better than showing your boss that you are an ant.

#3. I wish I had had the courage to express my feelings more.

Not expressing what your heart feels robs you of peace and it is something you cannot be happy about, surely you have heard it said “it is better red for a while and not discolored for a lifetime”.
Being honest sometimes brings us problems, however, it is the healthiest thing in a relationship with others.

#4. I wish I had more contact with my friends

Friends make us feel happy and alive and sometimes we let them die in oblivion for following our rhythm of life.
Don’t let more time go by, don’t expect to meet with a large group, take advantage of the contact you have with that special person, call and enjoy a coffee in their company, don’t let it be too late and you won’t live regretting it all your life.

#5. I wish I had allowed myself to be happy

We often work and struggle to make those around us happy, our boss, our partner and our children, but we never do things to be happy.
What makes you happy? Do it, have fun, play, sing, dress as you want, if this makes you happy, what does it matter what others think of you, in the end, life is to be enjoyed, isn’t it?

Reflect today on what you have done in your life and with your life until today and tell us until now what you have to repent of…