5 simple ways to bring more joy and happiness into your life

There are things you can do to increase your happiness quotient and decrease your negative thoughts.

But, genetics plays a role in your outlook on life and whether you are predisposed to a more optimistic or pessimistic viewpoint.

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The good news is that by paying attention to your mental health, you can increase your ability to enjoy yourself more and cultivate a more optimistic worldview so you can lead a happier life.

1. Express gratitude

Yes, you have probably heard this before! But, gratitude is one of the fastest ways to help your brain shift its focus to see more good things in your life.

The simple act of paying attention to what’s going well helps retrain your brain to see the good events, instead of laser-focusing on what’s not.

Here is an exercise to try if you want to practice gratitude in your daily life.

Before you go to bed, write down three good things that have happened to you, big or small. Once you have identified those things, close your eyes and enjoy those positive experiences in your mind again.

Try to relive those moments, how you felt, the smile on someone’s face, and say thank you.

Try this every night for a month and see if you see a change in whether you see more well throughout the day.

2. Smile

Did you know that smiling, even when you’re not feeling so good, can trick your brain into releasing more hormones that make you feel good?

Yes, smiles are calming, they help others feel comfortable and better, and they are damn uplifting!

Happy people smile! The brain increases the release of dopamine and serotonin, the neurotransmitters that make you feel good, when you smile, even if you’re faking it.

So, give it a try, even if you don’t feel like smiling. It will have a positive effect on your mood and create more connections with those around you. Plus, it’s contagious!!

3. Choose a small action in the direction of feeling better

You can choose to focus on negative emotions and not feel good, but why not try something different? A small change in the direction of feeling better can make a difference.

Try going for a short walk. Cut out pictures in a magazine of pictures you like or words of empowerment and post them somewhere you can see them. Surround yourself with positive things.

You can also listen to an inspiring TED Talk, journal about the things or people you appreciate in your life, or engage in a hobby you enjoy, like cooking.

4. Use humor

It may seem like laughing or making light of problems is inappropriate, but being able to laugh can snap you out of a negative frame of mind.

Humor can help you gain perspective and potentially help you find solutions to problems since you’re not so focused on them. By allowing yourself to laugh, you distract yourself and give your mind a much-needed break from repetitive thoughts.

So watch a funny video or comedy show or search for funny memes on social media. Being playful is also a wonderful way to change your perspective, so get the ball out and play catch with your dog!

People often tend to stay entrenched in their negative thoughts, but diverting your attention from those thoughts is an effective way to increase good feelings.

5. Listen to music

Music moves people, both literally and emotionally. You can tune in to music that lifts you up and gets your body moving. Think about creating a positive playlist that you listen to while walking every day.

To start your day, choose a song that inspires you and think about how you will create that mood throughout the day.

Move your body to the rhythm of the music and let yourself go, focusing only on what you are listening to, being fully present in the moment.

You will find that music can be one of the fastest ways to improve your mood. So put on that playlist!

When you try some of these tips, you’ll start to notice a change in your daily mood.

With practice, you can train your brain to filter out more of the good in your life and start feeling more positive in your daily interactions.

If you want to be a happy person, finding happiness and joy in life is something you can increase and cultivate in the long run!