5 recommended to use if we are in our days

It is true that while we are in those days we do not support many things and what overwhelms us the most is thinking about what clothes we should wear so as not to feel uncomfortable.

When our period arrives, it comes with pain, inflammation and even a bad mood. Some of us might even say “we are another” in those days. When you’re on your days, comfort comes first and the thought of putting on jeans is simply unacceptable. In order not to suffer too much, here is a list of clothes that will help you stay comfortable, fresh and beautiful regardless of the discomfort of your period.

comfortable panties

The so-called “granny panties” they are the best choice in underwear this day. Since it is important that we are comfortable with ALL the clothes we wear, those less tight underwear and “spacious” It will make us feel totally comfortable. Likewise, if you use a towel, it is better to wear this type of underwear because it has more area to adhere to. Preferably choose cotton garments that let your skin breathe.

In addition, by wearing these granny panties we avoid accidents in panties that we like more

one piece

A good jumpsuit will make you look elegant and fashionable while hiding any abdominal swelling. The best thing is that by not tightening your belly area, you will feel very comfortable and free. The best way to look appropriate for a meeting or to go to the office in «I’m on my days».

A Line Dresses

An A-line dress is loose enough to keep you comfortable and fresh any day. Some of us suffer from hot flashes during our period and look for the freshest clothes. Thus, this short and wide dress is the ideal garment for those uncomfortable days of the month.

Baggy pants

These baggy pants are perfect for those days. Its soft and fresh textiles will allow your skin to breathe and you will feel very comfortable. On the other hand, thanks to their width and to the fact that they adjust to the waist, if you suffer from inflammation you will not feel tight and uncomfortable like with jeans. So that they do not look too beachy, combine them with a top and heels.


If you do not need to go to work or an appointment, it is best to wear sportswear because it is designed to provide you with the greatest comfort. It does not squeeze anywhere and the textiles are soft and made of breathable materials.

You will feel comfortable all day and if you need to lie down at any time of the day you will feel as comfortable as in your pajamas.

Taken from I love shoes