5 Recipes with shredded chicken, varied and easy to make!

if you were looking for shredded chicken recipes You have come to the right place because we will teach you 5 easy preparations that you can do at home without spending a lot of money or time.

There are those who think that the breast does not have much flavor and therefore, it is not a great ingredient to use in the kitchen, and they are wrong! This part of the chicken with its nobility and without being the favorite of many, is very versatile because with it you can make incredible recipes that are even worth presenting at any dinner you have at home.

We have the best way to make chicken fricassee with a recipe to surprise the palate and also, multiple options to use shredded chicken breast to create menus that everyone will want to try and repeat until the pots repel.

There are typical preparations that use shredded chicken breast and that will make you lick your fingers with every bite. Look at these alternatives and put them into practice right now in your kitchen:

chicken patties

What would become of us without one of those empanadas with chili that they sell on the corner? If there is a guilty pleasure that is worth indulging in hundreds of times, it is that of a crispy and warm chicken empanada with potatoes that is capable of lifting the spirits and caressing the soul. Surely there is no other typical preparation that seduces you more than this and the best thing is that it is prepared quickly.

See here how to make chicken empanadas: the best recipe in the world.

Colombian ajiaco

In order not to withdraw too much from the coffee lands, it is worth mentioning one of the most representative dishes of the country and that has earned its recognition at an international level, even by pure hand. Born in the Cundiboyacense highlands, this dish is a perfect mix of potatoes, chicken, guascas and cob, among other ingredients, which are a total delight for locals and foreigners. A single bite will cast a spell on you, we assure you.

We show you how to make a Colombian ajiaco.

If what you want is to experiment a little more and give a unique touch to the flavor of chicken breast, then you are going to love these recipes that we show you next:

Chicken lasagna

From Italy with love, comes one of the typical and inevitable recipes at any event. The advantage that lasagna offers is that you can add whatever you want, so the chicken can have a sauce with vegetables or meat, everything will depend on your taste. After preparing this gastronomic delight, we assure you that your palate will never be the same again.

Learn here how to make chicken lasagna: it’s easier than you think.

Pasta with chicken

This is indeed a meal that reminds us of home because you are surely one of those who says: my mom prepares the best chicken pasta in the world. And it is that this very special dish needs some tricks to reach that supreme level that conquered your heart many years ago in each bite. Best of all, this recipe does not require much time or ingredients to prepare.

This is how the chicken pasta recipe is prepared, a very typical delicacy!

Chicken sandwich

The best and easiest solution to problems such as lack of time, desire to cook and even lack of market in the pantry. A good chicken sandwich is a must-have recipe for any time of the day because the ingredients with which it is prepared go down well at any time. Put lots of love on it and make everyone want to take a bite.

We show you how to prepare chicken sandwich, recipe for every day.

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