5 Recipes with peas, all with the flavor of our land!

The recipes with peas they are delicious because in all of them, the flavors of Colombia are reflected and the palate enjoys special meals that range from soups, to stews or sweats.

In our country, one of the most common ingredients in preparations and the one that is most trusted to give it a unique touch, are peas. These legumes have a very particular flavor that goes very well with products such as carrots, beans and meats because their smooth texture is capable of adorning any dish.

If you have wanted to know how to prepare couscous with a super easy recipe or you need a range of options to take advantage of those peas you have at home, then we are going to show you several very simple preparations in which these small, round legumes are the central focus. .

Recipes with green peas

Soups are one of the specialties in these latitudes and in their preparation, green peas are essential to combine flavors and give those broths that you like so much an unmistakable touch. We present some options that you could take into account to prepare at home:

Tripe soup recipe with peas

One of the most famous recipes in Colombia, especially in the department of Antioquia, is tripe. This particular soup with tripe, meat and vegetables, is usually a true delight for many (although many others do not like the idea of ​​eating tripe) because its flavor raises even the dead and it is the perfect formula to pamper your family and friends by offering them with warmth all your love.

Learn here how to make tripe with a Colombian recipe to pamper the soul.

Ajiaco Santafereño

From the Cundiboyacense highlands and with a lot of love from the rolos for the world, comes a magical soup that is capable of touching the heart with a single spoonful. In addition to being delicious, it mixes vegetables, potatoes, chicken, capers and even cream. This mix results in a delicious thick ajiaco that is ideal to remove the sorrows of love, or make anyone who tries it emotional!

We show you how to make an easy and homemade Colombian ajiaco.

pasta soup

It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you’re going, pasta soup with chicken is all you need to feel the taste of home in your mouth. Prepared since all life by grandmothers and mothers, it is one of those typical foods that does not have any complications to be made and that is the best cure for any cold because at once, it will warm your body with much love.

We teach you how to make homemade pasta soup, a delicacy of the gods.

Easy recipes with green peas

Stews, sweats and salads also have peas as protagonists. These are just a few preparations that will be exquisite with that touch of flavor and love that you can give them:


A good mincemeat of meat, vegetables and potatoes known as goulash, can make you enjoy yourself like never before. This dish does not require too many ingredients and it is easy to be very versatile because you can add more meats or implement techniques to turn it into a rich soup or bathe any protein with the sauce that results from its preparation.

See here how to make goulash with a Colombian recipe.

Russian salad

The famous potato salad with mayonnaise or cold, is a must in home cooking because you have surely been to birthdays, marriages and degrees in which this delicious dish is offered. Its combination of flavors and soft textures are usually very kind to the palate and the peas enhance this salad, giving it a touch of spectacular crispness in each bite.

We show you how to make Russian salad with a very Colombian recipe.

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