5 reasons to love the voice of Manuel Medrano

There is no doubt that Manuel Medrano is one of the new Colombian voices that is most projected internationally.

This 30-year-old from Cartagena has not had a problem making his way in the musical world since he has a powerful voice that he knows how to use in his impeccable presentations, of course, it is not easy for him to get to where he is today, but the quality of his songs and lyrics have been the triggers to boost his career and put him at the level of Andres Cepeda and Fonseca.

We took a walk around Youtube and we found some songs that are actually covers of other great artists, songs that are very famous and that in his voice are simply spectacular, listen to them and tell us which one you liked the most.

1. A breakfast kiss cover of Calle 13

2. This was the cover of Juan Gabriel

3. She, she already forgot me cover of Leonardo Favio

4. Costumbres cover by Rocio Durcal composed by Juan Gabriel

5. Vagabond cover of Draco Rosa

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