5 more anti-sexy photos of Maluma

In social networks, Maluma’s photos are the ones that fill the most «Likes», however, not everything is rosy and sometimes he shares images that definitely do not look sexy.

We have chosen some of his controversial images, in which he has not come out so sexy, you will surely agree with us.

5 more anti-sexy photos of Maluma

Do you remember Passion of Gavilanes?


That photo from «behind» is one of the worst

No, no and no, cute hair is not his thing

And the one that the haters prefer the most is this one, where they compare him to Miss Laura Bozzo and even warn him not to try to look like Kurt Cobain or Justin Bieber, oh my God!

Finally, «for tastes the colors of the Rainbow» and Maluma’s photos will continue to be the most popular on social networks, so his haters hate him …