5 hairstyles for curly hair: a look for each style

The hairstyles for curly hair They are a very good option to look very natural and stunning. In addition, it can be the ideal company to use different outfits no matter the occasion.

Curly hair is a blessing! If it’s about seeing sexy, fresh and different, nothing to do, it is the perfect style. There are super cute hairstyles that you can adopt at home without much effort and obviously, without spending a fortune at the beauty salon.

We want to share 5 super ideas for you to look stunning and be the envy of everyone at the next event you attend. Take note because you are going to leave more than one with their mouths open:

Hairstyles for short curly hair

Return to basic! This seems to be the most used trend and to achieve a look very cool, just make two very light braids. Divide your hair in two and gently hold them above your head, with the help of a bow. Allow the rest of your hair to hang loose. This version will be perfect for a quiet plan with your friends.

Hairstyles for naturally curly hair

A super glam look can be provided by an easy and eye-catching headdress with a scarf. Part of showing off your curls well has to do with naturalness and that is given by a loose hair fall, in which the greatest adornment will be a medium ponytail. It is a super idea for a relaxed meeting at night.

Hairstyles for long curly hair

The style Top Knot It can be your best ally to use both day and night. It is about making a high bun at the height of the crown and roll it as firm as possible but without tightening it too much. You can close that high bun by holding the hair with clips and leaving a few thin or wide strands to fall on your face.

Elegant hairstyles for curly hair

Perhaps the best option would be a look very discreet but harmonious. Try a semi-updo hairstyle that has a herringbone braid and use a thin accessory that highlights it, a small ribbon or a flower headdress would be a great help to make you look very elegant and beautiful.

Updo hairstyles for curly hair

Side braids and a high updo are a winning combination. Your curly hair has no problem with tension, because it will look very natural in any condition. Try braiding the top of your head and to the side, allowing a high bun to give your hair a feeling of extra volume.

How to make curly hair grow?

The best care for this type of hair could be done at night. A good guy is to apply some type of natural oil such as coconut, almond or jojoba at night, only on the ends. Another super recommendation is the use of a hair mask with avocado, which provides shine and elasticity to the hair.

Get to know the latest trends in braids with updo hair and change your look as many times as you want.