5 grounds for divorce in Colombia

In recent years, divorces have increased by 20% in Colombia. Not even famous people are exempt from this. In this article you will know what are the grounds for divorce in Colombia, so you can avoid it.

All marriages have problems, but each couple makes the decision to stay with the problem or try to work out their differences. You must be alert to these grounds for divorce so that you do not go through the same thing.


Cheating on the other is one of the main grounds for divorce. Doing this greatly damages the relationship because the couple’s trust is lost, and it also creates a distance that did not exist before.


Addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc., is a problem for the couple because addictions become the priority of the addicted person. However, with the help of a professional, the relationship can be strengthened.

Money problems

Not having money can lead to fights. Couples have differences in what they save and what they spend because they don’t have the same priorities. Another situation that can generate conflict is when women earn more than men, although there is progress, we are still in a macho society.

marry too young

Being so young, it is possible that more conflicts arise because they are not mature enough and because the expenses are more difficult to cover.

intimate partner violence

The consequences of physical and psychological abuse can be difficult to overcome. The person who is going through such a situation should seek emotional support and not isolate himself from his loved ones.

If you want to have a stable relationship, keep these causes in mind so that you are prepared when any difficulty occurs, and thus you can face it in the best way.

With information from: The Spectator