5 easy and cheap recipes to surprise at home

Every good cookbook must have 5 easy and cheap recipes that they are ideal to prepare for every occasion and that they are a complete delight for the guests.

Cooking is a real pleasure. As we learn many tricks to prepare the most incredible dishes, the passion becomes much greater. In the recipe books that grandmothers have at home, there are surely a couple of alternatives that are the star specialties with which everyone at the table enjoys every bite.

In case you are looking for the best recipes with pork or you want to have it super clear with the 5 easiest and cheapest recipes that may exist, then you are going to love this article because you are going to learn how to make some dishes that everyone will receive. applause from the diners.

5 easy and cheap recipes

Take out your notebook and take notes because with these recipes you are going to take it out of the stadium at your next dinner at home. Best of all, is that you will save a few pesos:

Roast chicken recipe without oven

An infallible in any fret or Sunday to be lazy, is the roast chicken. This recipe, which is very simple to prepare and requires no more ingredients than raw chicken, beer and a variety of spices, is the perfect solution for preparing a very quick and delicious meal without spending a lot of money. Rather, it is an option with the three B’s: Good, Nice and Cheap.

This is how roast chicken is prepared, recipe without oven.

Cheese nickname

The Colombian Caribbean coast is a blessed land because it offers exquisite ingredients that are part of very subtle, cheap and exquisite preparations such as mote de queso. Although the mixture of costeño cheese and yam may seem strange to you, you cannot imagine the smooth texture and strong flavors that this dish has that will not take long to prepare.

Learn here how to prepare the mote de queso, a recipe to surprise with its rich flavor.

Lentil soup

There is no doubt that lentils are one of those Colombian products that we all love and that they are a complete delicacy of gods. A soup made with this legume, accompanied by vegetables and well seasoned with powerful spices such as turmeric, will be a dish that yields a lot and will delight your guests with its smooth and well-balanced flavor.

We show you how to make lentil soup, recipe with vegetables and turmeric.

cuban sandwich

A very quick and delicious solution to solve a dinner without having to invest a lot of money, is to prepare some traditional Cuban sandwiches. This recipe, which in its original version uses the popular ropa vieja meat, can have shredded meat and sauces to give it a delicious and unique touch that will surely be a delight for your whole family.

See here how to prepare Cuban sandwich, a recipe to enjoy in every bite.


Another great alternative that is not going to cost you a lot of money to make, are the famous and exquisite tacos. This very cheap meal will only need to have the traditional corn or flour tortillas and the rest will be your creativity because you can make a filling with anything you find in the fridge such as chicken, meat, egg or vegetables.

Here we show you how to make tacos.

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