5 common doubts in love

A group of experts consulted by Cosmopolitan magazine, in its Spanish edition, give answers to questions about love:

1. How do I know if I am in love with my partner or if I only love him?

At the beginning of the relationship, you are in love, which supposes a high activation at a physiological level in the body. It’s when you feel butterflies in your stomach or you get nervous meeting the person you like.

In love, you go through several states as a form of evolution of the relationship. “It goes from infatuation to love and affection, where the other is your life partner and in which complicity prevails. In this way love evolves, and changes over time. Pretending to be in love all your life leads to frustration and constantly changing partners looking for a state that they believe is what it should be and is not”they point out.

2. To what extent does my low self-esteem affect my relationship?

You continually question whether the other person will love you or if they will abandon you at the first opportunity, you adopt hyper-vigilant attitudes and interpret everything as a sign of heartbreak or betrayal, emotional dependence arises.

In this situation, the solution is obvious: «Before we love others, we must love ourselves.»

3. Does less passion in the relationship mean that we don’t love each other as much anymore?

In fact, «Surges of passion are a problem that affects practically all couples»points out Dr. Linares.

Most neuroscientists are convinced that the answer lies in the wiring of our brain (…) They claim that this brain chemistry can only be maintained for 1 to 3 years.

4. Can trust be restored after infidelity?

The answer is yes, It can be an opportunity to reinvent yourself.

It happens more times than people think. With the help of professionals it can be a way to improve, although it is a difficult and painful process”.

They add that «if you are truly sorry, you can form something new based on learning from past mistakes.»

5. How to forget my ex partner and start from scratch?

According to Alberto Soler, a Spanish psychotherapist, “To overcome it, it is important that you focus on your well-being, not on looking for a new relationship. This one will come when you’re better.»

The specialist recommends focusing your efforts on being well with yourself (it is the way to overcome it).

Yes indeed, “Avoid having contact with that person (WhatsApp, Facebook…). Delete her from your contact list to avoid ‘spying’ on what she does, and try to be active. It will help you get better.» limits.

Like beauty, love is a concept that has different meanings according to cultures, genders and even the ideals of each person.

Source: AttitudFem