4 ways to put on the belt (Tutorial)

Learn how to put on your belt like fashionistas do on the catwalks.

Have you seen models or actresses wear their belts in different ways? They look super pretty, they know how to cross it in such a way that any dress looks very elegant with just that little detail.

And it is the details of your clothing, such as the belt, that make the difference between a common look and a personal styleand that applies not only to what accessories you wear, but how you wear them.

Dust off the different belts you have stored, because they they are not only used to hold up the pantsbut to give any pint the unique and personal touch you are looking for.

As you have seen, the important thing is not the belt you use but the way you wear it; That is why we share with you a practical tutorial that explains step by step 4 different ways to use the same belt…


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