4 stories that show that it is never too late if happiness is good

The saying «It’s never too late if happiness is good» alludes to the fact that happiness can always be found just around the corner, it is always welcome and that is why we have to pursue our goals in life whenever.

We tell you here some exciting stories of self-improvement that show that we should never close the door on our dreams.

78 year old student

The septuagenarian Mexican Luis Raul Silveira Silveira78 years old, is the oldest student in the Mexican education system. Luis Raúl, who is the father of 11 children and has more than 20 grandchildren, was in the first grade of the open high school in Sanahcat two years ago. “You don’t have to stay stagnant. In my case I like to do something useful every day. Nothing is impossible»Don Luis Raúl said before the cameras.





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Writer at 91

And if that example is spectacular, this one from last year is not far behind. The children of the Pediatrics ward of the General Hospital of Elche had in their hands 35 new stories signed by Benita Martín, a patient of the center, who At the age of 91, he had only learned to read and write two years ago.. Her desire to excel and her desire to learn made it possible for Benita to write more than thirty stories, her memoirs, a book, two novels, and now she is writing a Spanish proverb in just 24 months.

The best veteran athlete rubs shoulders with the best

In February of this year the exceptional athlete Kim Collins achieved something prodigious. At almost 39 years old, he achieved a mark of 6.48 in the 60 meters, the best of his life. With that mark, athletes usually win the indoor 60-meter dash and only once in recent years has someone made a lower mark to take the title. the same athlete holds the record for the oldest 100m mark achieved being the 9.96 seconds achieved last year the best mark achieved by a human being close to 40 years old.

The Colombian painter who overcame all adversity

Like the story of the overcoming of the Colombian painter Zuli Sanguino that they pick up on Peruvian television, perhaps there is none. Beaten by her life, over and over again, her commendable attitude and her family’s support served her well. position herself as a recognized painter and great emotional motivator. She was born with a disease that prevented the development of her limbs, her father committed suicide and she was raped when she was only 7 years old. None of that could stop her will to live. “I became self-sufficient with the help of my mom.” Zuli’s mother said in statements to television: «We went through great hard things, but it was the way to discover the talents, abilities and everything that my daughter Zuli could do.»

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And you? What other stories of overcoming do you know