4 haircuts that remove up to 10 years

We share with you 10 cuts that, according to Vogue magazine, will take 10 years off you.

«To rejuvenate with a haircut you simply have to do the opposite of the oval of the face» explains the stylist Lorena Morlote. «That is, if you have a round face, the ideal would be to look for straighter lines and smoother hairstyles and if you have it angular, half-length hair with waves that sweeten.»

When it comes to subtracting age through a hairstyle, the balance tips towards fringes combed to one side, naturalness and the absence of volume. “The example would be a slightly wavy hair with an irregular fringe” adds Quique Sanchez. «With this type of cut we create a much fresher look that provides comfort and safety on a day-to-day basis.»

Naomi Campbell’s bouncy, scaled, banged mane is a source of inspiration when it comes to bringing back a cut of seventies air, capable of giving a twist in favor of the most bohemian and inspiring ‘it-girls’.

It is original, daring and one of the best known haircuts of the seventh art, Audrey Hepburn’s spiked bangs -added to the disheveled hair that he wore in the film Breakfast with diamonds– it is that kind of hairstyle that looks with attitude, with rebellion and with a lot of style.

How about one of these cuts to start the New Year 10 years younger?