3 zodiac signs will find out they have a secret admirer on September 27

However, during this day, with Mercury trine Pluto as our guiding light, we will hear things that will make us wake up curious about what is happening here.

And what’s happening here today is that Mercury has messages for some of us, and those messages are loving.

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The good thing is that for those of us who are about to hear kind things come our way, we were not expecting such positive news, and that will make our day a happy one.

Today brings new news: someone cares about us…probably more than we ever gave them credit for. They will show us love today in the form of kind words and surprise gifts.

If this is a birthday season for someone, then on this day, you can expect to hear from someone you haven’t seen for a long time, and not only that; they are here to tell you that they love you always and always will.

You are loved today, signs. And while this is aimed at three zodiac signs in particular, we’re all open to this kind of surprising sweetness; good things come our way and appear in our lives as messages from the past, from people we once thought were out of our lives.

For those who are told that they are loved today, the feeling will be good, exciting, fun and hopeful. The fact, it’s nice to be loved. No one asks anything of us today other than that we be open to his love for us.

The three zodiac signs who find out who loves them during Mercury’s trine to Pluto on September 27, 2022:

1. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

As someone who spends most of their time inside their own mind, you’re not exactly expecting to hear how someone ‘out there’ loves you, in fact if you were to hear that news it would be a complete surprise to you.

And yet, during Mercury trine Pluto, you are the focal point of someone else’s love and on this day, you will hear from them, and they will please you much more than you are really prepared for.

Being loved this way makes you feel like a million bucks; you weren’t ready for it, and it brings out a touch of vulnerability in you, which makes it all scary and cool, at the same time.

There is always a space in your heart to feel warm and loving, and during Mercury’s trine Pluto, you will be open to all elements of the universe. You want to be loved and, on some level, you have just manifested the love of this ‘other’ person… and it feels good!

2. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

You may not have wondered out loud, but there’s a good chance you’ve thought about who really loves you, and will they ever tell you, or will they just… not? Today, September 27, brings with it the transit of Mercury trine Pluto, which will give you your answer.

You are loved and you might even be loved by a total stranger, or someone you didn’t think had that kind of feeling for you.

What’s also interesting is that this might not be romantic, but platonic; It seems that there is someone out there who wants to be your friend, and he is already connected to you in some way that links you to the past.

You’re curious now and since you’re ‘loved’, you feel like it’s worth your while to investigate. This is a good day for you, Scorpio, as it will lead to one of the best friendships you will ever have.

3. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Just in case you were about to sink into depression feeling that nobody loves you, you will discover something to the contrary: not only are you loved by many people, but everyone seems to want you to know it… on this day.

During Mercury trine Pluto, you will be singled out and it will make you feel good about your life. If you’ve been down, your friends are about to show up with all the products in hand to make your day special.

Not only are you not alone in this thing called life, but you are loved by people who are willing to go to great lengths to make you feel every ounce of it.

You will not be able to fall into your pit of despair today because there are too many people around you making you laugh. You are very loved, Pisces, but more… you are in the company of people who will make you laugh so much that they will split your sides.