3 zodiac signs whose relationships fall apart on September 12

Today, we are influenced by one of those transits, and it will have its final effect on relationships that were destined for dissolution, and that transit is the Moon sextile Saturn.

When a relationship falls apart, it’s usually not a surprise, and on some deeply feared level, we knew it was coming.

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These things just don’t fall apart for no reason, and we humans are pretty insightful in terms of what we pick up on just before things fall apart. For some zodiac signs, today is the day when everything starts to make sense, in a terrible, sad and inevitable way.

Today is the day that many of us will see the end of our relationship.

When we have the Moon sextile Saturn, we have clear visions of limitation. That means we know that certain things cannot continue. When we realize that our own romance is in jeopardy, we are also presented with the idea of ​​what to do to fix it, so it doesn’t go down the drain.

That’s where the Moon sextile Saturn comes in; it lets us know that it is time to get rid of that illusion. Nowadays, romances bite the dust, like they’re supposed to.

Today offers no hope for repairing these relationships, and if we accept this as reality, we can move on with the rest of our lives, in peace.

Three zodiac signs whose relationships fall apart during the Moon’s sextile with Saturn on September 12, 2022:

1. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Only you know what you’ve been through in your relationship, and only you will know the depth of emotion you’ll feel when it ends, but one thing is for sure: it’s going to end.

On some level, you anticipate the arrival of relief; things just couldn’t go on the way they were, and one of you had to step forward to declare an end or the promise of positive change to come.

During the Moon sextile Saturn, you no longer want to fool yourself; you know this has to end and you honestly feel like it’s about ‘the sooner the better’ right now. Why wait?

Once you get the bug in your mind that tells you that you’ll not only survive the breakup, but thrive in the next segment of your life, you’ll want to speed up the ending even more. Face it, Gemini; this relationship must end. Today gives you the stamina and courage to see it through.

2. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

While breaking up isn’t easy for anyone, it seems to be a little bit easier for you than most. You can do this, and you will, and this refers to you, coming out of your commitment.

You have promised yourself to this person who seems to have very little regard for the concept of commitment, and with this knowledge in mind, you will have no trouble achieving his or her inevitable end.

You are backed by universal energy, and during the Moon’s sextile with Saturn, this energy will take you to a place where there is no turning back. You will set the ending in motion with a few words, and once those words are spoken, all there will be is forward momentum.

You are the force of Saturn today; you embody the meaning of limitation, as you yourself have simply had enough. Time to go ahead and take that call.

3. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

This day does not bring you good news, since you know what must happen and it is, of course, that you have to be the one to end your relationship. Things haven’t been working out for a while, and they both know this is no way to live a life.

It’s so beyond that the excitement is gone, in fact there’s no more excitement than the thought that hopefully the end of this relationship won’t be too traumatic. You have been together for a long time, it will not be easy, but it will happen.

During the Moon sextile Saturn, you see that a sacrifice must be made in order for the two of you to move forward, and that sacrifice is, of course, your relationship.

Okay, it happens that people often hit a dead end in their love life that demands that they pay attention.

In this case, the focus you need to focus on is how to do it gracefully and without too much drama attached. It can be done, and it will be done.