3 zodiac signs whose relationship falls apart due to boredom from March 16 to 18

Now, we all know that when our romantic relationships get boring, that’s as low as it gets before it starts to take on the tone of a love story gone sour.

While boredom seems more like an inactive state of mind, it is exactly what is needed if a relationship is going to go completely downhill.

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What begins with boredom results in the slow deterioration of a once strong relationship. Boredom is the enemy, and we rarely take responsibility for playing our part in it.

Still in all, it happens. People get bored with each other. You know the expression: «Familiarity breeds resentment.» Good is true.

There really is something strange that happens when you get too close to a person; the kind of closeness where there are no longer any limits and anyone can enter the other’s space without hesitation.

The whole «We need total transparency and honesty in the relationship» thing? Done the wrong way, a relationship can become a mysteries-free world of predictable behavior and boring answers to death.

During Mercury Square Pluto, we can expect to see relationships fall apart. They can be ours, or they can be our friends; Either way, these broken couples have one thing in common: both partners forget to live joyfully and settle into lives of mediocre expectations, routine, and boredom.

This is why relationships fall apart during Mercury Square Pluto. People get bored. It happens, especially for these 3 zodiac signs from March 16 to 18, 2022.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

You’re in this long-term relationship, and honestly, you really didn’t want to have to think of it that way.

The long haul. As if you met this person on the road and now the two of you need to cross the country, silently, waiting to head to the next city to make your delivery, for the rest of your lives.

Phew, life sure changed from the day they both decided they wanted to dedicate their lives to each other.

It seems that now all you really have is an obligation; You’re not going to separate, so you better hold on. Again, not what you had in mind.

Standing your ground and going for the long haul sounds like anything but romance, and the truth is that they both know it.

Mercury Square Pluto brings up the idea that you may not be interested in the same old anymore.

In your case, Gemini, you will not actually take a break, but you will want to and it will disturb your peace.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

You are also at a point in your relationship where fun and romance are the last thing you expect. Their association has taken on the tone of a couple who are bored to death but refuse to do anything about it.

And why not? Because you two are so lazy and so resigned to the life you’ve built together, you don’t even mind trying.

What is certain is that your love life has already fallen apart, and Mercury Square Pluto just jams that information for you. You may feel sad at first, but then you will do what you do every day: laugh, make jokes and find things that are not your partner, to have fun.

You are in survival mode now, Virgo. You have accepted that having a successful relationship is ideal for another person to live it. Why bother any longer to deceive yourself? You’re over it.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Mercury Square Pluto doesn’t work wonders in your love life, in fact, it shines a light on everything that has gone wrong and leaves you feeling cold and…used.

You are at the point in your relationship where you just give in to everything, to avoid a fight.

You can’t argue anymore, especially considering that your partner is more of a trap than a human being when it comes to fighting.

If you say something to them, they bark and growl; this whole thing has turned into a parody, however you don’t know if you have the energy to fight any longer.

Their relationship has been falling apart, it’s currently going downhill fast and it will eventually fall apart… but the truth is, it’s going to stay anyway. This is where you have to ask yourself whether or not you are a masochist, Capricorn. Are you?