3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friends Ignore Them On September 10th

Today, September 10, 2022, gives us another chance to feel Pluto’s wrath, and it will take the form of us screaming for attention, only to be ignored by friends and family.

Today we are invisible, we are simply not superheroes.

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While it sounds great to put on the cloak of invisibility, in reality, we are simply being ignored and that creates feelings of isolation.

Maybe Pluto is tired of us wondering if it’s a planet or not. It doesn’t really matter what ‘we’ think, as we are still mere mortals experiencing the quantum force coming down from these huge celestial bodies.

Today he lets us know that the universe is not playing games and that Pluto is not a joke. This planet is an evil teal machine that is hell-bent on wreaking havoc on our lives, even if it ends up being ignored and excluded from everything we want to be a part of.

During the Moon sextile Pluto, we cry out for help and no one comes to our aid. We want to show our great achievements and no one is there to experience them with us.

It is as if we are trapped in a vacuum; Just like in space, no one can hear us scream. And Pluto being the gift he keeps on giving, we will no doubt take this state of invisibility as a sign to fall headlong into depression. Hello? Hello, can you hear me, Major Tom?

When the Moon is sextile Pluto on September 10, 2022, these three zodiac signs will have friends who ignore them.

1. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Being ignored is something you are NOT used to. You get a lot of attention in your life, and most of it is positive and unsolicited. You’re not an attention hound, but you certainly appreciate it when you get it. Today, however, he has you in a strange place; it’s as if everyone you know has something ‘better’ to do than call you back, talk to you on the phone, meet with you, etc.

In fact, everyone is a no-show as far as you are concerned and you honestly have no idea how this is happening. What you are not aware of (and now you ARE) is that today it brings you the dark forces of the Moon sextile Pluto, which is not kind to almost everyone, but seems to be choosing you for a test.

If Pluto could talk, today it would ask you if you enjoy being ignored, and then it would laugh and circle the sun in its cool, cold way.

2. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

So much for wanting to be social today. It seems that the Moon sextile Pluto has other ideas in mind for you, as today you have to communicate with friends who seem to have forgotten who you are.

Maybe they’ve temporarily gone crazy, or maybe they just can’t be bothered, but today it feels like a serious slight, and you can’t help but take it seriously. You will have a better time today participating in a conversation that consists of talking to yourself, alone.

Don’t bother trying to meet friends; they are busy and are already engaged in whatever they are doing. Well, you started out with high hopes and now you’re lonely and miserable.

It’s no big deal, Gemini. You feel ignored by your friends today, but tomorrow, who knows, you might be the center of their attention for all the right reasons. You never know!

3. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Everyone in your life knows that you are the eccentric; the one who enjoys his life either with people or alone. You are a unique character, but you also depend on the integrity of others, and today you will see how the Moon sextile Pluto alters things like integrity.

What will make you feel like your friends are ignoring you is their utter lack of integrity when it comes to showing up to meetings on time because you’re about to stand them up.

You can contact them to find out what’s going on and you won’t be able to contact them. This may also have something to do with Mercury retrograde, which is known for this sort of thing.

Between the two transits residing today, you will find yourself angry at your friend for being so inconsiderate of your time. If you don’t hear from them by the end of the day, you may become angry and hostile.