3 zodiac signs who fall out of love during Moon Trine Pluto on August 2

We have to consider that today we are acting according to the influence of the Moon trine Pluto, and this transit will definitely have us looking at the glass half empty.

August 1 and 2, 2022 will be when we think that we are no longer in love with the person we are with, although we must take a step back and look at the reality of what is happening.

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We ‘think’ that we no longer have the same kind of feelings for this person, but we may just be acting on impulse.

Moon trine Pluto stimulates our suspicious side; And for some of us, once we start doubting our partners, we start falling out of love at the same time.

But, this could be a rash decision: this transit can cause us to punish ourselves for something we don’t understand.

What this means is that because we feel like something is wrong, we may jump to conclusions before asking ourselves if there really is a real problem to deal with. We can talk ourselves out of falling out of love before we have a decent reason to.

This is also where we have to ask ourselves if, on some deep level, we really want to NOT be in love anymore. Are we starting to pick fights or trouble because love scares us and the commitment we have to make is too much for us?

These are valid considerations. The Moon trine Pluto makes things seem unclear, and if for some reason we start to fall down the rabbit hole of doubt, we may end up falling out of love simply because we didn’t have the guts to investigate reality. Sad, but part of today’s plan.

The 3 zodiac signs that fall out of love during the Moon Trine Pluto, August 1 and 2, 2022

1. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Today you will have to ignore the facts and stick to your fantasy. This means that something is going to bother you to the point where you’d rather not talk about it and see where that takes you. Well, if you don’t approach your partner and talk about it, you’ll end up repressed and angry, and being a Taurus, you’ll let that turn into indifference.

There’s so much, «I don’t care what happens» you can say before you seem to absolutely care, but you’re too stubborn to admit it. And so, you may convince yourself that you are no longer in love, which will open the doors to the next stop: the breakup.

Now, that’s not exactly what you wanted, and now you’re really scared. With the Moon trine Pluto, you feel like everything has gotten too out of hand. You’ve convinced yourself to fall out of love, and now what are you going to do about it?

2. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

There is only one reason why you are going to fall out of love this week and that is because you have convinced yourself that this love is not going to work. You are all about instant gratification and because your romantic partner has not read your mind and handed you exactly what you want in a silver match, you have come to think that you are beneath you and unworthy of your time. .

Sometimes, Libra, you get a little snobbish, though it may be worth stopping and wondering if maybe you’re being too harsh. You are falling out of love with your partner because you are afraid to give yourself to a deeper love, and that in reality you DO have the opportunity to achieve.

Don’t let your fear get in the way of what could be a wonderful experience in love. With the Moon trine Pluto, you may not be aware of this and end up losing your love and the person you have decided to excite.

3. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

You’ve made it pretty clear to the person you’re in a romantic relationship with: either move on or lose. You are good at giving ultimatums, and it seems that during the Moon trine Pluto, you have a good point.

Your lover has been goofing around and although you were always so in love with him and in love, you are starting to get bored of his antics. Not to mention that they are lazy, and laziness is simply not something that will be tolerated in your love life.

Unlike the other signs, you are fully prepared to «talk», but it seems that your lover is not really listening to you. That is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. No listening? Oh hell no, that’s not how things are done here in Pisces Land. Today makes it very clear to you, and as sad as it is, you are no longer in love with that person.