3 zodiac signs that WILL SEE ANGUST during the moon trine Mercury on October 13

Chinese superstar Jackson Wang says in one of his songs, «Baby, there’s no drug like denial…» And isn’t he right about that?

That’s where the Moon trine Mercury steps in to let us know how deep we’ve fallen into the hole of denial.

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And usually when we get rid of the denial that has held us together for so long, we tend to fall apart because now the truth is revealed and it looks terribly awful.

Today we will have some of us experiencing the kind of betrayal that we knew existed, but couldn’t honestly look at. So yes, we will see heartache today during the Moon’s trine to Mercury, but it won’t be a surprise.

Because, on some level, we knew it was coming, when it eventually does, because, today, we’ll be sore from the reality that it actually exists. We thought we could keep it chained in the closet of denial, but Moon trine Mercury just opened that door.

It’s about loose lips sinking ships today, and that’s how we’re going to find out we’ve been betrayed. Without the Moon trining Mercury, we might have gone on not knowing the truth for a long time, and in a way, that might have pleased us.

But once the truth is revealed, there will be no going back. Moon trine Mercury is a transit based on communication, and today its message is clear: what happened is irrevocable. There is no way back. The betrayal has ended everything, there is no doubt.

The three zodiac signs that see heartbreak during the Moon’s trine to Mercury on October 13, 2022 are:

1. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You have been here before; on the verge of knowing that he has been betrayed and accepting that this is really happening. You are already starting to feel that cold side of you, as this is your only true protection. Someone in your life has betrayed you, your trust and your secrets.

There’s a good chance this person is being influenced by someone else, and that only makes things worse for you. You see it all happening before your eyes, and since the Moon trine Mercury allows you to process it as a reality, you still don’t want to know that this is actually happening to you right now.

This wasn’t supposed to be! You and your traitor were supposed to be the best of friends. You didn’t even consider that they would turn against you like this. This diminishes your faith in the human race and sets you on your way for a few cold months ahead.

2. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

It’s happening again. Treachery. Now, you’re starting to feel like you’ve been chosen for a life of nonstop lies and shattered dreams. You didn’t ask for all this drama… did you? You felt that if you were honest about your feelings, you would be accepted just the way you are.

And here’s the weird part: This betrayal has nothing to do with all the good things you’ve brought into this relationship. In fact, during the Moon trine Mercury, the person you are involved with is not even thinking about you, your reactions, or the future of your emotional life.

You picked yourself a winner, Gemini, when you met this person who clearly doesn’t care about you at all. They played the game well and now they are tired of you. Oops, that hurts! Will you write off this betrayal as «just another day» or sink into the pit of despair? You will choose the latter, since this has only just begun.

3. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

What he brings today is such a shock and disappointment that it will blow your mind. You didn’t expect this, and yet there it is, the betrayal, in all its wondrous glory.

How totally awful! You’ve been betrayed by someone you love and it doesn’t just hurt, it paralyzes you. You don’t feel like you can take it, and you will fall into emotional disaster on this day, October 13, 2022. You have been lied to, and even though you feel like you could forgive a lie, you have. He didn’t even begin to fathom the depth of this betrayal.

Oh, the drama that is about to unfold, and your emotional state is the theater in which this play will unfold. You trusted them and they have gone to great lengths to destroy that trust. So much so, that you get the hint: they don’t care if you trust them or not. Yes, it’s that cold, that cruel. They’ve done you wrong, Scorpio.