3 zodiac signs that will have a great day on November 16, 2021

As we approach the Lunar Eclipse on the 19th, right now with our Moon in Aries, we are being pushed to focus on aligning our physical lives so that our emotional lives can thrive.

Adding to the energy, we are seeing quite an active day today this Tuesday with asteroid Vesta which rules our inner fire and sense of spirituality moving into Sagittarius as well as Jupiter square Sun, Sun-Pluto sextile and opposition Mars Uranus.

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In the run-up to major astrological events like eclipses, it’s not uncommon for other planets to become more active.

This is part of that accumulation of energy that makes these portals opportunities for change and growth.

With these aspects beginning on November 16, 2021, there should be a strong feeling of determination to move forward with the tasks of the day, whether they are routine aspects of work or those larger puzzle pieces in life that we sometimes need to fix.

Thanks to Jupiter there is a strong influence of abundance and even luck that will make us feel more optimistic about taking risks and trying new things, another theme echoed by the opposition Mars Uranus.

As Vesta moves into Sagittarius from Capricorn, we could feel an inner expansion that prompts us to be ready to shed what is no longer serving us at the time of the eclipse in just a few days.

Right now, it’s important to tap into that feel-good energy because when we do, we’re more likely to make decisions to create more of that goodness in our lives.

Zodiac signs that will have a great day on November 16, 2021:

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

As conflicted as you have been feeling lately, these few days with the Moon in your sign are giving you clarity and confidence to move forward.

It’s been a struggle lately to know what you’re feeling and even what it might mean once you acknowledge it, but with the recent energy shift, all that inner turmoil should be clearing up.

You should also feel more like yourself again, which will then allow you to formulate a plan and take action. The Eclipse for you should be triggering situations and events that ask you to integrate more of who you are into your physical life.

Thanks to an aspect of Uranus this can cause sudden jolts, however with this current of clarity you now feel you should be able to move with that determination you are known for.

Today it should feel like everything is flowing.

You can sleep, do everything in your professional life, make time for everything you want, and generally feel like you have this.

During this wave of high energy, trying to reflect on how you see and handle things is what makes the biggest difference for you today. What we focus on is what we tend to see, so this can be a key to being able to take this change and turn it into a more lasting one.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

With your work sector so illuminated by current astrology in recent months, it may have been difficult to feel that all areas of your life were in balance or that you were able to energize the things that mattered most to you.

This is the natural ebb and flow of life, as we will inherently have to pay more attention to other areas at different times, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t caused mental and emotional strain on you as well. With Vesta returning to her sign today, you should feel a renewed energy to pursue what fills you most.

Maybe this has something to do with work, especially if it has a higher purpose than just a paycheck, but it can also be your inner job, making big life decisions and even relationships.

Vesta governs our inner fire and our sense of spirituality, which is how connected we feel to the universe, how fluid we currently are, and whether we spend our time doing things that feed this part of us.

You should feel like you are coming back to yourself today and you will be better able to make the things that make you feel good a priority in your life, without letting life distract you from them.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

While it may have been a rocky start to his season, he’s more than making up for it now. With Mercury and Mars now firmly settled in your sign, you’re starting to see more rewards for speaking your truth and not holding back.

This is an important lesson to carry with you even after your birthday month, so that you can continue without keeping things inside and instead see what happens when you actually ask for what you want. Today with the Sun sextile Jupiter you will probably feel on top of the world.

Being driven by success and feeling stronger by expressing your desires, you will have no problem speaking up, whether at work or in your relationship.

The lesson for you that often changes everything is the belief that you cannot let out the depths that you have within you for fear that they will not be accepted.

This can come up in terms of staying quiet in the workplace or even putting your partner’s needs before your own, but once you realize it and learn to speak up, to talk about what’s on your mind and what you need, you allow someone to stand up for you in whatever capacity you need them to.

This is a lesson that changes everything because it means that you are not only allowing someone to come forward for you, but you are accepting those parts of yourself that you once hid.