3 zodiac signs that will have a great day on January 26, 2022

The Moon in Scorpio it’s the perfect addition to the three transits you do today, helping us go deeper into ourselves so that we can then do that with others in our lives.

The Moon forms a mid-morning trine with Neptune casting a spell of hope and possibility as it encourages us to surrender to our dreams.

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These will be about our ideal life, job, relationship, and even a version of ourselves.

This will set the tone for most of the day until evening, when the Moon sextile Pluto first and then to Mercury.

Both transits work together, allowing us to get in touch with what we have previously repressed or hidden within ourselves and then open up and have a conversation with those who affect our lives.

This can include our feelings, what we want out of life, or even how the decisions others have made have actually affected us.

All this happens while the trine of venus uranus it still triggers changes in our romantic lives.

But changes in our lives and relationships don’t happen without a change in how we feel, and that’s how important these transits are for us today.

By Moon trine Neptune encouraging us to dream, we will spend most of the day thinking about how we would want things if something were possible, so that by the time the Moon is sextile Pluto and Mercury, we will be in space to recognize our truth and then have conversations that they will impact us and our lives in the future.

It is a powerful day, one that is part of the revelations it will bring. Venus turning direct in a few days will help us get one step closer to the life we ​​are meant to live.

3 zodiac signs that will have a great day on January 26, 2022

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

With the Moon in your sign forming the three powerful transits today, it will be an intense day for manifestation. Lately, it’s probably been hard to feel hopeful or even feel like you can dream of the kind of life or even love you’d like to have one day.

It has been as if the reality has been so clear that it has been hard to believe that anything else could be different or even better. Most of the day will feel like welcome relief. The energy will be lighter and you will be able to withdraw into your dreams and fantasies about what you would like to manifest for yourself.

While it can be any part of life, since Venus is still retrograde (xr) and the Nodes have just changed zodiac signs with Taurus activating your seventh house of relationships, a lot of your thoughts are likely to be on relationships. Later in the day, the Moon sextile Pluto can bring its deep truths.

Not just about what you want, but also about the decisions you’ve been making and whether they contradict that, while sextile Mercury will open up the desire to write a diary or have some important conversations. Today remember that no matter how things look right now, you can still make all your dreams come true.

3 zodiac signs that will have a great day on January 26, 2022

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

What Piscesyour ability to immerse yourself in the dreams and fantasies that your ruler represents Neptune it means you can feel like yourself. There is no other sign in the zodiac that dreams like you or needs that ability in order to feel alive and even centered in life.

with the trine moon neptune Early in the day, you’ll find that you’re drifting back to more hopeful thoughts that are likely centered around your romantic life or even a particular relationship. If things have felt especially stressful over the past month under venus rxthis is a time when you will have hope that things can really be worked out and even work better than you could have dreamed of.

The thing is, though, for them to come true, you need to talk about what you really want and need. Evening transits will allow you to open up in ways you haven’t felt safe for some time and help you take the steps you need to make those dreams come true.

You will not be without challenges as you will also have conversations about the deep truths of others, especially from your partner, but with trine Uranus and Venus helping to support the changes, it truly is a time when anything becomes possible. 3 zodiac signs that will have a great day on January 26, 2022

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Although it is no longer his season of zodiac With so many planets still making their way through your sign, it’s a powerful time for you to gain deeper insights into your life and even yourself.

Although the Moon forms this positive trine with Neptune Earlier in the day, you may not get the benefits that others do, so the first half of the day might feel like everyone around you is seeing things better than they really are. This is due to the rose colored glasses that Neptune is famous for wearing.

But the two transits at the end of the day will be especially powerful for you, as both Pluto What Mercury They are in your sign. This means that you will be given the ability to discover some deep truths and desires that you have probably repressed. This could have to do with what you really want for your life, what kind of partner you need, and even things you would like to experience and achieve in life.

Nevertheless, part of this is accepting your truth and not questioning it or continuing to deny it. This will open up the possibility of talking about this with those in your life that it affects. Try to allow yourself to believe in the best possible outcome and to believe that you truly deserve to have all of your wishes come true, no matter how impossible it may seem at first.