3 zodiac signs that will have a great day on February 5, 2022

On Saturday, our sense of intuition gets a boost.

Under the energy of a Moon in Aries, we feel instinctive. We know it’s time follow our heart and intuition and be willing to take greater risks.

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But this independent and enterprising Aries Moon will speak to several planets on Saturday. Therefore, taking some risks will be moderated, which will invite strong stability and grounding.

Things start to calm down more, and the energy clears this Saturday.

Mercury retrograde ended this week, so we are finding our way into this new form of communication and accountability.

In fact, the retrograde season is coming to an end until April. Therefore it is a great time to get down to business and start taking actionespecially after such a long review period.

Relationships will face challenges that will bring about positive changes.

Venus trine Uranus is now over. However, Saturday will be the first time the tension is not behind the scenes. We may see some resolution involving personal dynamics.

We’re not out of the woods yet, at least according to astrology.

The conjunction of the Sun Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Pisces is a significant transit that still affects us.

These aspects are beneficial. They create a lighter, more focused energy so that what seemed overwhelming or intimidating now seems completely doable.

The Moon in Aries is active and this brings positive change.

four lunar aspects push us to start the year after a month of delays during January due to the retrograde season.

In the morning, the Moon in Aries will square both Mars and Venus, with a plan to unite them in magical perfection on the 12th, but on February 5th there is a change in the dynamic of the relationship.

Three signs of the zodiac will feel that they can persevere and overcome any obstacle. So no matter what zodiac sign you are, take some time to socialize. with friends or lovers.

The day ends on a high note on February 5, 2022.

The Moon talks in pleasant conversations with Saturn and the Sun.

Together we feel rooted in who we are and we are not afraid to make course corrections. As a result, what needs to be done becomes very clear.

In general, the day has a promise. It’s a kickoff for us to take on a new journey and change our lives in a way that we didn’t feel ready to do last month.

The 3 zodiac signs that will have a great day on Friday, February 5, 2022:

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

As the Moon continues to transit your zodiac sign today, the feeling of not being able to wait any longer intensifies. But of course it doesn’t even necessarily matter what it is. Still, there’s something, whether it’s a new health plan, a relationship, or even a big dream, that you just look forward to.

You are learning to trust your instincts and practice your hard-earned patience. Then finally the stars align to give you added confidence and motivation and let you know that there is no mistake about how you feel. But there’s a difference between being impulsive and just knowing that it’s finally time to take a leap.

Just as the Moon learns to listen to various messages today, you, too, may feel a bit disoriented if you delay in taking action. So, take baby steps and remember that it’s not about quick change, it’s about building a strong foundation.

2. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in your zodiac sign lights up your life, especially your first house of personal development, in a big way. This will draw attention to anything you’ve recently felt restricted from, or even put up walls to protect yourself.

With any transit, there is always the positive side and the opposite. In a sense, you can lower the walls and feel less blocked from creating the life you want, which probably includes a more intimate relationship.

Or you may feel like you need to instill better boundaries so that whatever takes your energy away doesn’t affect your life. Depending on where you are in your life will affect what path today’s energy opens up for you.

Now that retrograde season is ending and you’re in your birthday month, expect the next few weeks to be action-packed. They will ask you to upgrade your life on some level.

Remember that right now, the universe encourages us to take risks. That is what we will have to do to move from where we are now. But risk sometimes just means doing something we’ve never done before, which is often precisely what we’re told to do.

3. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Several planets have activated your first house of personal development and you are experiencing rapid growth.

The first house represents self-growth, and no matter how much work we do on the inside until we allow that to manifest in changes in our outer lives, it will feel like we haven’t done anything.

The caveat is that we always have to do the inner work first. Still, regardless of the preparation, we simply have to take a chance and start making different decisions in our lives at a certain time.

This is one of those moments for you. If you choose to do nothing, then nothing will change, and you will only be here in a similar space the next time astrology brings you to the door of change.

But you have a choice. We all do. And no matter how intimidating it may be, you can choose to take that step forward and allow all that inner work to change the look of your life.

Of course, a big part of this is trusting yourself, but if you never really make any decisions, then there’s no way you can learn to. So start small, but start today.