3 zodiac signs that will have a great day on February 2, 2022

As the three zodiac signs having a great day feel the effects of February 2, 2022, we all start the great energy portal of 2-2-22 and find positive transits of the moon, we will feel encouraged and optimistic about of power to truly create the life of our dreams.

We are coming out of our Aquarius New Moon and today we will see the Moon change into a romantic and loving Pisces, which it will help ease any recent stress in our lives and allow us to see things with greater understanding.

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With the opening of the 2-2-22 energy portal that will last until 2-22-22, we are reminded that we cannot take a full step into our future until we have made peace with our past.

Whether this comes to greater acceptance of all that we have done, that others have to truly create the space in our lives for the new, we are asked to let us recognize that we have a great opportunity and a great beginning.

The next twenty days will be one of immense growth and possibilities. as we begin to see that any limitation or constriction we have felt is due to not allowing ourselves to feel otherwise.

This is also amplified by the two transits the Moon does today, which basically gives us a big dose of hope after a long and difficult few weeks.

The first is a sextile with Mars in Capricorn which will make us feel more confident and positive about the decisions we are making and the course of action we are planning.

This will allow us to start making some moves, even if we know that it doesn’t mean that everything will go as planned, at least we can feel supported to start taking some steps.

At night, the Moon will form a conjunction with Jupiter in Pisces creating the perfect mood to share our thoughts, feelings and socialize with others.

While Mercury is scheduled to turn direct tomorrow, conversations can still feel tense or like communication doesn’t flow easily, but just because it’s awkward doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take advantage of the energy.

Possibilities exist for those who not only believe in them but choose to take them.

Zodiac signs that will have a great day February 2, 2022

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

With the Moon and Jupiter in your sign today forming a conjunction and the energy portal closing on 2-22-22 in Pisces season, this marks the beginning of something completely new in your life. The past month has likely been a challenge with too much reality and not enough time to dream or at least live your life as if you felt that way.

Today all that changes. Your Moon should be up, energy returning and there will be a renewed sense of hope for you and your life.

This will especially focus on areas like creative careers and relationships that have felt like they’re hitting a dead end recently.

Never lose hope, Pisces, because things always change when we least expect it.

However, now is the time to really start making some future plans, as it is best to put them into action when we are hoping for the best possible outcome rather than the worst.

For the next twenty days or so during this energy portal, life could change dramatically for you. Before you start to worry, everything is positive. This is the big opportunity you’ve been feeling is coming and you’ve been waiting for, just make sure you grab it now that it’s here.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

With Mars moving through your zodiac sign, it has been a time for you to take a closer look at the actions you need to take. This could have to do with being the person you want to be or living the life you’ve always felt called to or even finally feeling successful in relationships.

Things will change quickly for you, but that doesn’t mean they happen overnight. Often when something dramatically happens, we forget the months or years that went into its creation.

Today take an honest look at how everything is right now, and then be honest about how you want your life to be. So it’s just a matter of connecting the dots. Nothing is without sacrifice, commitment, or even hard work.

Lucky for you, the work part is never the problem, so use it today to start taking steps toward feeling better about everything in your life. With the Moon sextile Mars in your zodiac sign today, you’ll be getting that dose of optimism in full force, so it’s important to make good use of it so you can truly see that anything is possible, especially if you think it is. .

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

While the Moon begins the day in your zodiac sign, it transitions into Pisces soon after, but that doesn’t mean you’re not affected by today’s energy. With the Sun and Moon in your zodiac sign as we begin the 2-2-22 energy portal, it’s time to start expecting great things for your life.

While you have done a lot of healing recently, now is the time to see what that really means for how your life looks. Today will bring you the feeling of knowing that everything will work out, even if you don’t yet have the plan for how it will happen.

Don’t let others talk you out of how you feel, as today is a great day to start jotting down some ideas about what could bring more happiness and fulfillment into your life. Some of that is your responsibility, but it’s also something that those in your life should contribute to.

This relates to making sure that you are making your needs and wants known to those in your life, as they cannot satisfy them unless you do. As much as you may have healed, it seems that this energy portal will bring a new clarity on how the past still affects your current decisions, especially when it comes to relationships. Use this so that you can truly break free and embrace the hope of what is to come.