3 zodiac signs that will have a great day on December 17, 2021

When the Moon is in this dynamic air sign, we can see paths that before seemed blocked.

For the three zodiac signs who are having a great day, this makes Friday a great time to not only look at New Year’s resolutions, but also to take another look at the plans or dreams you’ve been trying to make come true.

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With Venus preparing to go retrograde, it’s time to spend some time on your finances so that after Christmas you don’t realize you’ve overspent.

Venus is not just about love and romance, but about material wealthso with the Moon in Gemini, It is a great day to review the budgets and financial goals you have for the next year, especially since once the love planet goes retrograde you may be too focused on other things to go back to that.

This week however we are building energy, it is a relative calm on how the next few weeks will play out.

With the Full Moon in Gemini, Venus retrograde in Capricorn, and then the final square of Saturn Uranus occurring at Christmas, to say that the holidays will be interesting is an understatement.

Because today we have such a good mindset and mentally clear, we try to look at and take care of any details such as finances, plans or even any project at work that we must complete before the end of the year.

There will be surprise events and unexpected twists for the holidays next weekSo take the time to prepare as much as you can today, making sure you accept the fact that you have so many options.

The three signs of the zodiac that will have a great day on December 17, 2021:

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

With the Gemini Moon lighting up your seventh house of relationships, it’s no wonder this is the focus right now. With Venus retrograde imminent, this will continue to ask you to consider what relationships and connections are most valuable to you and what makes you feel most worthwhile.

However, this isn’t a short game, so whatever you’re feeling and concentrating on right now won’t become clear until late January or early February. But that’s okay too because there’s a journey here that you need to be a part of.

The clarity of mind on Friday should bring clarity not only to some problems that have occurred in your relationships lately, but also to your relationship with yourself. Much of what is happening right now is that you are stepping into a new and improved version of yourself.

But to do it fully, you must give yourself permission. Today will be a big part of that as you can clearly see how and where to choose. You should also feel more confident in yourself and your choices, which will allow you to move into the next part of your path, feeling more prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

As Venus and Pluto continue to come together in the skies, you are seeing a lot of growth in how much you trust yourself. While these two will bring changes, many of them will happen later in this cycle, so right now, it’s about realizing who you really are and trusting the thoughts and feelings that you have.

The reason this is affecting you so deeply is that it is affecting your first house of self, so a lot of those belief ideas about yourself that aren’t really yours will fall apart.

The Gemini Full Moon we’re headed for will be in your 6th house of health, so this is the perfect time to start a new fitness routine or even a new, healthier way of living. This will continue through the next lunar cycle into the New Year, so today is an excellent time to not only think about your own truth, but also what kind of life changes you need to make to feel healthier.

The sixth house of health is not only our physical well-being affected by diet and exercise, but also those we surround ourselves with, the movies we watch, and our conversations. Use it today to refocus on what you want to allow in your space and what you don’t because that ultimately determines how healthy we really feel.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Today, we should start to feel favorable as we approach the Full Gem Moon. When a Pisces gemstone comes into your 4th house of home and family, it means that things are coming to fruition. Most likely, this means that some things will change as well.

We saw the Gemini New Moon in June as part of the Solar Eclipse, which is about external changes. Now, six months later, we are likely in space to fully see what they are and in which direction we are headed. This is likely even closing a bigger chapter in your life as it is part of that eclipse. change of axis that we have been in for the last two years.

All this is good news. But sometimes, as a Pisces, you have a hard time accepting happiness. You are used to feeling everything so deeply, which means you are also used to processing sadness and disappointment. But this chapter of Pisces is all about joy.

Capricorn will be lighting up your 11th house, which is when you make your debut in the world, where you find your place and even your tribe. Changes in your house and home are part of that, so make sure you use today’s energy to embrace the positive thoughts and let go of the rest, you don’t need them where you’re going.