3 zodiac signs that will have a great day on December 15, 2021

With minor transits happening in addition to the Pluto Venus conjunction this week, we feel like we’re full of anticipation. The significant changes are just around the corner; we just have to get there to get them.

Today, many of us can feel excited about something unknown that we think is being built.

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There may also be moments of quiet joy when we feel at peace with where we are and what we have built.

With Mars now more firmly in Sagittarius, really we’re thinking big and boldwhich means that these last weeks of December they may contain more changes than even all of 2021.

But that It is no longer a thought that intimidates us, as we know that we have been working towards it not only all year, but probably for several.

Under the Taurus Moon and the Sagittarius Sun, we will be dreaming of the future and feeling strong and at peace with the plans we want to implement in the future.

With the Taurus Moon, we will feel more grounded but also more loving and sensual, so it may be a day where we tend to express our emotions through touch rather than words.

Venus is moving through Capricorn as it approaches its retrograde this weekend. This happens just a few hours after the full moon. Thereafter, love will become practical and real.

We focus on what we value and what we want to commit to.

Because when we’re finally ready to think big, we’re also finally ready to fully commit to them.

Zodiac signs that will have a great day on December 15, 2021:

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

After a bumpy solar return, you are still acclimating to this new energy you are embodying. This is because a lot of healing has taken place in the last month; you’re still getting used to believing that everything is real. Also, Pluto is the ruler of your sign, so although it is currently in Cappy conjunct Venus, this will affect you positively.

Pluto in Cappy brings you a solid foundation and the strength to work through the healing you have already begun. However, what you are beginning to see is that there is no rush to get to the finish line.

You are right where you are supposed to be, and because of that, you are entering a more significant phase of calm and peace than before. It’s not that everything is settled in your life, but there is now a deeper trust about the path life takes, which allows you to simply enjoy it more. So today is going to be a great day for Christmas shopping, spending time with friends, or just snuggling up to a good movie.

A new cycle in your life has recently begun. The eclipses have shifted to the Taurus/Scorpio axis, meaning you can embrace this new part of your journey, and all the wonder it brings will allow you to welcome more.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

As a water sign, you are sometimes in the background during this time of year. However, with Neptune still returning to its regular orbit after spinning straight, it has been moving through transits as the Sun Neptune square. So for you, Pisces, it seems that a lot of things tend to become clear at this time of year, and this will be no exception.

Sometimes, Pisces, to protect yourself, you often unconsciously create stories that satisfy fears about the past repeating itself. While this is a natural response to trauma, it still robs the joy of the present moment. But all that is changing right now.

As Venus and Pluto come together, they not only bring out truths about our relationships, but also about ourselves. So today should bring some clarity about the stories you tell yourself. You will likely have a moment of clarity when you see that you can’t always believe your own thoughts, especially if they are operating from a place of fear.

This should open up a new sense of inner security within you that will allow you to enjoy your life and your relationships without worrying about the worst case scenario.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

This is your season, and with more planets returning to your sign like Mars, you will feel inspired and more vital than you have in a long time. Your solar return always presents a time for you to reflect deeply on your life and recommit to what you feel aligns with your truth. Or maybe you also decide to change what you commit to.

A big topic for you today and the weeks to come is looking at your most authentic identity and what is most valuable to you because of it.

Because of that, some changes may take place, especially within your home and family. This is also a push for a healthier environment where you feel supportive of who you really are and what you want to achieve. Today he feels a peaceful anticipation and is constantly planning what his next moves will be.

While you may unknowingly wait until after the Gemini Full Moon or Saturn square Uranus to start sharing your plans with those around you, the universe has your back. So if he feels inclined, he start talking about something today. After all, that’s what happens when we finally start to believe in ourselves.