3 zodiac signs that will have a great day January 6, 2022

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and the one that enjoys relaxation and solitude more than most other signs, which means that this is the energy we will be under today.

In addition to energy, it is also the last day of the Venus sextile Neptune, which is all about comfort, love, and making our space one that feels nurturing and homey.

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With the Sun still in the cape, many of us may have felt overloaded or even overwhelmed with making new plans and getting things moving, but much of the energy right now due to Venus Rx asks us to take it slower.

This is where it all comes together and today, We are drawn to not only relaxing and catching up on our favorite series, but also doing small or large projects around the home that make it feel warmer and more of a space that we can feel supportive and safe.

But today we are not going to leave the reflection completely, since that weakened sextile between Venus and Neptune It will make us reflect on whether we have created our physical home where our heart really is.

Moving Venus Rx will prompt similar questions, and as we approach its rebirth on January 8, some of the answers should become clearer.

In any case, today we can realize that our home has not been where our heart is or that we do not necessarily feel valuable in our home.

These would be common Venus Rx themes and while it is important to raise awareness, we are still a few weeks away from make major or lasting changes.

Today it is enough to concentrate on bringing beauty and peace into your home and if in the process you also realize that your heart is elsewhere, it will soon be time to realign yourself and your life.

Zodiac signs that will have a great day January 6, 2022

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

With the Moon and Neptune in your sign today, it should be an amazing day filled with creativity and love. Pisces are natural artists, so you may feel called to make art or even just repaint your bedroom that new color you’ve been considering. You will feel very intuitive and creative, which will be reflected in your personal space.

For you, Pisces, because you are always so connected to your heart, it is unlikely that you will discover some previous truth that you did not know, but that does not mean that someone does not notice you.

While you may not be in the mood for sudden declarations, you may make a change in your living environment due to someone else noticing, be it a friend or a colleague. Because Pisces attacks the fourth house of home and family, this person is likely to be a Sagittarius or Sagittarius rising.

But even if that doesn’t happen right now, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen as Jupiter moves through your sign until May. For now, it will feel like enough for you to own your truth and let that wild and loving creative side come out when it comes to making your space feel more like your own.

You might as well get a call from friends today to help them with their redecorating or remodeling project, with all the energy you currently have, there should be plenty to share with others.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Both the Moon and the sextile of Neptune will illuminate your seventh house of relationships today so that you can be living a great day in your love life. This could also include moving in together or even looking for a house, as this house rules all things domestic.

Your 7th house has probably been quiet lately, with little to no movement, and while that can be a good thing at times, as we get the necessary quiet and peace we need, it’s going to change too. This time, however, it is important to recognize that what happened in the past is firmly behind you and you can welcome whatever comes with nothing but hope in your heart.

So if you don’t get attached today, it can offer deeper healing in terms of what has happened in your relationships and how they have shaped your life. It can also be one where you spend time rediscovering what it means to you to be at home with yourself or even to be in a space where you feel physically supported and safe.

While you often have no problem guiding the details of creating that physical address, you sometimes forget the importance of how you really feel. Let yourself be guided today on how to use this great energy, whether you decide to move in with a romantic partner, relocate, or just spend some time creating a space that feels good, it will ultimately benefit you in the long run.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

The first half of this year will be full of big changes for you and today is just the first step of that. With Jupiter, your ruling planet, in Pisces hitting your house and family change is inevitable. But this time it is not only the best exchange rate, but also for the best reasons.

Today, with our Moon, Jupiter, and Venus sextile Neptune activating this house, is a day to realize and feel empowered by the feelings you have. For you, determining where your heart is has to come first before you can determine where to build your house.

This is all part of the growth that you will go through, especially as the nodes move from the Sag/Gem axis that they have been on for the past few years. Sometimes her feelings are too big for her to process all at once, and instead she ends up shutting down or needing silence to process.

However, the realizations that come today will be strong and they will be the messengers of clarity, so you will be in the space to embrace them instead of running from them.

There may be talks about moving houses or some other modifications that allow you to be in the space that really nurtures this new phase of growth that you are entering. Not everything can happen at once, but never underestimate the power of one step forward.