3 zodiac signs that will be selfish in love from September 6

As of August 19, Uranus went into retrograde, and it will be doing its thing for a few more monthsin fact, this retrograde will end the January 19, 2022.

As it transits the cosmic sky, it passes through the constellations of the zodiac, and now, as of today, September 6, it is in Taurus.

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Retrogrades are strong transits, and each sign they go through influence your movement and our lives here belowon the good Earth.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus sounds much worse than it is, when in fact, this transit can have a calming effect on usand when we are in Taurus, even we can find ourselves in stable relationships both in love and in business.

We can see something in us that is possessive, even selfish, when it comes to love and romance.

Because we can see the big picture in our relationships, we tend to want to reinforce it, make it stick; love seems so precarious that when we finally find it, practically we want to imprison him.

This retrograde can bring out a side in us that longs for safety and calmwhile fighting for it in ways unusually selfish.

Zodiac signs that will be selfish in love during Uranus retrograde from September 6, 2021:

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

You always feel more comfortable when you know what to expect. Spontaneity not your best option And when it comes to your love life, you want to know where you stand and what your partner has in mind for the future.

This lack of spontaneity will be accentuated during Uranus in Taurus retrograde, and your demanding nature may lead your partner down the wrong path. They may tell you to back off, not to worry, everything is fine.

And yet, that is not a real answer for you. It’s like you want a contract that states how long they’ll love you, and even though it’s not an actual piece of paper that you want to sign, you are going to demand some kind of declaration of love and promise from your partner.

Your partner will resent your lack of trust and will want to ignore you, just out of spite. This back-and-forth fight is part of your relationship and, in a way, the more you argue, the more you stick together.

That is your guarantee, and the idea that you are actually ‘fighting back’ is your contract, it is your personal proof of their love. Toxic, but effective.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

You want it all and have no intention of getting anything less than what you think you deserve. You’ve always been a fan of loyalty; relationships have to be committed and monogamous or they are out your door.

What Uranus Retrograde in Taurus Brings Out in You it’s your manipulative side: You will use your passive-aggressive skills to turn your partner into the person you think they should be. You don’t consider that maybe they’re in charge of what they ‘need’ to be, but their feelings were never really part of the equation for you.

If you want it all, you must take it all; this is how you see things. After all, you only ask for a beautiful life together, what could be wrong with that?

While this is a wonderful request, it would be better if don’t chase her with so much selfishness in your heart. Let your partner breathe, they will come to you fully in body, mind and spirit, if not forced.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

This is a time for you to trust your abilities. Turns out you’re great with offbeat suggestions and interesting new ways to think about life. You know what you’re capable of, and when you cast the spell on him, you feel like you can’t go wrong. In your relationship, you will be doing a similar type of manipulation, and you intend for it to work.

You will try to convince your partner to think that you are a genius, that you are the last stop for them and that if they tried to look at someone else, they would miss «all this». You really think you’re the best, and that doesn’t mean you’re not, Aquarius, in fact, you’re pretty smart.

However, this is your lure: you use your creative talents to make your partner think that you are practically an angel. Absolutely you don’t want this person to leave youso you overcompensate being brilliant in everything you do.

That will be tiring for you after a while. Relax this selfishness and let it happen.