3 zodiac signs that will be betrayed during Venus conjunct Pluto

Yes, of course, sometimes it happens as a shock, but most of the time we know that something like this could happen; it is the magnitude of its damage that we cannot predict. Betrayal is common, but it is rarely something we can easily deal with.

During Venus Conjunct Pluto, some of us will experience betrayal once again, and it will break our hearts.

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And what’s worse is that this betrayal is NOT one we expected, so it will feel even more horrible when it comes to light. A total betrayal always comes undercover, and when it does, we are stunned.

When we talk about betrayal, the first thing that comes up is the idea that our partner is cheating on us; it’s always about sex or loving someone other than ourselves.

Trust is what keeps relationships afloat, and many times that trust is based on monogamy. When monogamy collapses, so does trust and so does the relationship.

This kind of surprise comes to us during Venus Conjunct Pluto. And for some zodiac signs, it will be worse than for others.

Zodiac signs that will be betrayed during Venus conjunct Pluto starting December 16, 2021:

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

You are the person who likes to pretend that everything is going well in your relationship, even when you suspect that things are much worse than they really are. You know something is up. You feel that your partner has not been faithful to you, but the idea of ​​confronting them sounds hellish; what if they explode? What if they are innocent?

What if it’s all in your mind? Here’s the thing, Sagittarius, and you know it deep down: your intuition is on point and what you intuit is actually happening.

Your partner is cheating on you and will continue to do so as long as you let him. Now, you are not the person allowing this to happen, even though you are not quite ready to confront them about their behavior. Venus Conjunct Pluto will not let this go away, however, and sooner or later you will have to face your betrayal and your traitor.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

What is important for Aquarius to know is that it is you who is being betrayed and that it is not your fault. Your tendency at times like these is to punish yourself, don’t. A colleague has lied to you, and yes, your suspicions are correct: they have someone else and yes, they have lied to you.

You need to be strong now, and while Venus Conjunct Pluto can bring harsh realities to the forefront, you must not react to this negative information with self-defeating behaviors.

Pluto’s energy is dark and can affect you in the wrong way, making you think that you are to blame for all this, you are not to blame. This is from your partner. What you have to do now is assess, recognize the damage caused, heal and move.

Pisces (February 19 – March 10)

That’s about to happen, and you absolutely know what he means: your suspicions are about to be confirmed. You have been in doubt for some time about whether or not your partner is completely faithful to you, and during Venus Conjunct Pluto, you will receive the news you need to confirm what will be known forever in your life as a major betrayal.

Phew! This is NOT what you wanted, but you’ve always known something like this could happen. The betrayal came in seed long ago; You knew it would bloom and turn into this horrible flower, and now it’s time for you to remove that weed from your garden or leave the garden altogether. It’s not what you wanted, but your action will be required.