3 zodiac signs that forgive their enemies during Jupiter in Aries on September 21

Healing is required for those of us who have lived in pain, and that is pretty much the entire human race. We cause pain and we are victims of it, and no matter how that pain is produced, there is one thing we all know: this cannot last forever.

Therefore, we have the concept of forgiveness to help us all. During Jupiter in Aries, forgiveness is easy to grasp, and for that reason alone, we should all grab a healthy portion of it, so to speak.

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On September 21, 2022, Jupiter in Aries It will make us think of those in our life who have hurt us.

Are they really our enemies because of this act, or are they simply part of our history?

Why do we consider people our enemies? Is the damage they have caused us so irreparable that we need to keep their memory alive forever and ever?

To forgive is to release, and during this magnificent transit we will be doing just that. Let go of our control over someone who has hurt us.

The first part of this transition will show us that we should not think of these people as ‘enemies’.

Whoever has given us such a wrong turn is not an enemy, but a player in the script of our lives. Somehow all things are meant to be, even the rotten lessons we learn.

Today we accept that the experience happened and that we cannot spend the rest of our lives holding a grudge. Today the healing begins. Forgiveness begins today.

The next three zodiac signs who forgive their enemies during Jupiter in Aries on September 21, 2022, feel the weight lifted off their shoulders.

1. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

You can only hold out so long, when it comes to the grudge you’ve been holding for what seems like years, now. Yes, years have passed. Years and years of hating this person, and never admitting that you had anything to do with the pain you continue to carry with you.

Sure, that person may have hurt you terribly, but it is you who have made them the mental celebrity they are today, and you are beginning to identify yourself as ‘the person who holds a grudge’ and nothing more.

When you see it that way, as you will during Jupiter in Aries, you will see that you are wasting your life on this person.

The damage is old, Gemini, and after a certain time, it is you who is in charge of the healing that must take place.

Don’t wait for them to give you the go-ahead, just forgive this person on your own. They don’t need another thought from you. Break free.

2. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

You have come to think that the people in your family are your enemies, and that is where all the problems begin and end. What may have started in childhood has now developed into a fully formed personality. You are the representative of your pain and all that pain was created when you were young.

Unfortunately, you are not so young anymore and life is no longer waiting for you to get out of it.

You’ve been so lost in your resentment that you forgot that you had a life to live, and it hits you during Jupiter in Aries that you need to get a life. There is no joke there. It is real. This ‘enemy’ of yours? it’s your mind

You can’t possibly continue at this rate, because you don’t just hold a grudge; you are holding your own life hostage. Let the energy of Jupiter move you, Libra. Make a decision to forgive the past, so that you can do something with your life today.

3. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Defensiveness is natural for your sign, as Sagittarius is the only sign represented by a real gun; bow and arrow. You are always ready to take someone down if they trespass on your beliefs.

The problem here is that you’ve been on the defensive for years and all you’ve gotten is the look of someone cold and heartless. You seem stoic and cold, and inside, you really just want love and warmth.

Still, you hold that bow and arrow to show people that you are not willing to let anyone hurt you. You won’t be fooled again, in other words, but your attitude also keeps you from having real experiences.

Someone hurt you a long time ago, and now you think of that person as your enemy. During Jupiter in Aries, you will have the courage to finally let them go. It will occur to you that this person and everything he represents are part of a past with which you no longer have anything to do.