3 zodiac signs that feel sad about love during Moon Trine Pluto on September 15

Feeling sad about love is so common that it borders on being funny; We really are a fun bunch, humans.

We want love more than anything else, and because of the depth of this desire, we become attached to an ideal.

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We begin to believe that the ideal is the only thing to live for, and when that ideal is not obvious or even ‘there’, we throw ourselves into the pit of despair, where we lament, «No one loves me.» Wow.

This transit is cunning to the extent that it surprises us and makes us feel that there really is something wrong with us.

We wonder why the ‘whole world’ seems to be happy in love and yet here we are, depressed, complaining and without the perfect person to make our dreams come true.

Half of the problem is that we continually compare ourselves to other people, always assuming that they are having a better time with love than we are. Hint: they are not. This is life. Good and bad times for everyone.

These three zodiac signs feel sad for love during the Moon’s trine to Pluto on September 15, 2022:

1. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

What you will have to avoid today is falling too much into that pit of despair because you are beginning to associate your life with failure and lack of love, and that is not true.

The truth, however, is that you have turned away from love so that your heart would not be broken. During the Moon trine Pluto, love will literally be terrifying to you, but instead of acknowledging your terror, you will simply sink into your comfort zone, where you will spend most of your time feeling sad about it.

You have always wanted true love, a true love that is what everyone has, right? Every time you start comparing yourself to others, you feel bad; You feel that you have failed yourself.

You want an ideal and you cannot understand the fact that this ideal does not exist. Perhaps keeping it alive is what keeps you sad, and during the Moon’s trine Pluto, you may even find that staying sad is part of what keeps you loveless.

2. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

You don’t feel like love is part of your destiny, and even though you’re as big a love subject as anyone else, you’re too scared to get into a relationship.

You may have been in love once, a long time ago, but when that fell apart, so did all your hope for future love. What you will suffer during the Moon trine Pluto is the celebration of your own sadness. This has become a routine for you, this lack of faith.

Because you have no faith in love, you have given up trying. Now, you get all the love you can get through superficial relationships, but if for a moment you start thinking about committing or settling down with someone special, you freak out and back off.

The reason why you are so sad about love is that you are not open to the idea of ​​seeing it as something joyful or full of potential. All in good time, Libra, all in good time.

3. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

You could go either way with the energy of Pluto trine the Moon, as you sometimes enjoy the feeling of sadness. It’s an indulgence for you, Scorpio, and helps you deal with the pressure you’ve put on yourself for wanting a love that doesn’t seem to be happening.

Instead of sneaking off in the dark, he simply deals with his feelings as they come up, and during this new transit, he will feel sad and somewhat melancholy. Okay, you’ve been here before, and sadly you think you’ll definitely be here again. And so, you write your own self-fulfilling prophecy; love has passed you by and so be it.

Your mood may change from sadness to anger on this day, but this is how you process your life. You are wise and intelligent, and if you have to go through this thing called life without a ‘higher and higher’ love, then do it. Everything is fine with you.