3 zodiac signs that fall out of love during the moon opposite Venus from February 12

Falling out of love during the Moon’s opposition to Venus seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? If the Moon represents our deepest emotions and they are in direct opposition to Venus, the planet that rules our love life well, let’s do the math here: Moon minus Venus equals falling out of love. Makes sense. Good math.

Happens; people fall out of love all the time. It cannot be avoided and it is part of life.

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While it always comes with some sort of heartbreak or disappointment, it certainly can’t be considered a rare occurrence.

In fact, every time we fall in love, we take a risk. We risk our hearts every time we share love. It’s part of the deal.

And so certain zodiac signs will fall out of love during the Opposition of the Moon to Venus. And because? Because that is life. We don’t get a handwritten note from the gods in this case, we just have the experience of falling out of love. So be it. Move over, next window, please.

3 zodiac signs that fall out of love during the Moon vs. Venus from February 12, 2022:

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You are not surprised to discover that you have fallen in love with someone who is still very much in love with you, but life has taught you that nothing is guaranteed, especially long-term love.

You can’t even pinpoint the reason why you’ve fallen out of love, but with the Moon’s opposition to Venus working its weird magic, you’ll be out the door before you even get there.

In your mind, it’s over. Sure, you could go on, playing the part of the obedient lover, but the ‘in love’ part is no longer there, and that’s probably what your partner wants most.

It’s an ego thing; we want to know that our person is IN LOVE with us. Why we can’t just accept ‘love’ is something you’ve always grappled with. You love this person, you just aren’t ‘in love’ with them anymore.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

You are no longer in love with the person you are with and guess what? They are no longer in love with you either. But here’s the kicker: It doesn’t matter because the two of you have grown up together and are ready to take on the world, free from the illusion that a couple has to be ‘in love’ to be legit.

You couldn’t care less about what the world requires of you either. You have it your way, and you both feel that their love is enough just the way it is.

You don’t bring each other boxes of chocolates, nor do you show your great love on Facebook… in fact, you like to keep your special love to yourselves, where it belongs. No, you are not in love, and in your world, that is the highest path.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

When it clicks, it clicks, and in your love life; clicks You no longer feel that exaggerated emotion and butterfly sticky stomach when you are in his presence.

That really works for you, because being in love acted as a kind of weird distraction, and that kept you from doing a lot of the things that you loved to do.

Being in love doesn’t work for you, not in the long run. You need to do your art, your creative stuff. The last thing you need is to drool over someone every time they walk into the room.

You will admit to yourself that you are no longer in love with someone, during the opposition of the Moon to Venus, and you will find that it is one of the best moves you have ever made. Not being in love works for you!