3 zodiac signs that don’t want to talk about love during Mercury trine Uranus on December 22

This date has great potential, in terms of how we direct our energy, most especially the ‘issues’ we get involved with. Not everything is interesting for all people, and some topics, like love, for example, are not always the easiest to understand or talk about feelings.

Mercury trine Uranus can heighten our awareness, put us in touch with what interests us, but it also makes us pull out the stop signs when we know we’re just not into it.

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Conversation of love is the same as thinking about the formula to make things work. What about this or that? Worked. Kids. Sex? Life. Love.

The things we all obsess over and when we’re in the middle of them, it’s just another day. It’s the everyday ‘stuff’ that we just don’t talk about today. And if ‘love’ is on that list, can we just say NO?

To say no, they should definitely add it to human rights. Every time one says no, the environment is offended and it shouldn’t be like that.

Mercury trine Uranus would love for us to enjoy our mental insight in other ways, on this day. While certain zodiac signs may not want a serious conversation about feelings, they will definitely want to be on their own.

This day is for the great brains and fantastic thinkers. Perhaps love, stress and intensity can take a day off. At least a few hours, huh?

Zodiac signs that don’t want to talk about love during Mercury Trine Uranus December 22, 2021:

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

If anyone knows and enjoys a good Mercury Trine Uranus transit, it’s you, Gemini, but this is where you demand control. It’s your mind and you want to think about what makes you happy. As it may be your duty as a love partner to have that talk that your partner has wanted for so long, this transit has you distracted and worried.

What can happen is that something will be expected of you in your love life, and because you missed the signs (because you are totally into what YOU want and not what THEY want), an argument can break out. .which is not what you wanted from this whole deal. Practice kindness. Smile and wave, guys. Smiles and greets.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Oh, that topic not again. Look, it’s not that you’re just a love fool, it’s that, well, you’re a fool in general. You don’t want to talk about love. Your feeling is, «It’s love, okay?» You feel that you do not want to be controlled by some design that another person has in mind for you, that is, your partner.

They want to talk, you don’t. Why, oh why does it have to go any further, especially during Mercury Trine Uranus, when your mind is soaring with mysterious ideas and your creative impulses are at their highest? Put on your game face now, Libra, because you’re required to at least pretend you’re listening.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Mercury Trine Uranus is like an innovator’s dream. And that’s what you are, Capricorn. You are the person who dreams big and refines that dream along the way…that is, until someone in your life demands attention.

You’re usually all too happy to pay that attention, but every once in a while you really just want to be alone to live in your own insanity/genius. It might be time to do a rain test on this one, since you’re not going to get that break.

Right now, you don’t want to talk about love. You don’t want to talk about what’s wrong with the world, or politics, or how agave syrup is low glycemic…you just want to make it yourself. Can’t a Capricorn rest here? Nope.