3 Zodiac Signs That Changed Their Minds About Love During Venus Sextile Pluto Starting October 2nd

Venus sextile Pluto creates in us an almost overwhelming need to do things with passion and intention.
We feel better during this astrological transit, which falls on October 2, 2021; it’s the kind of cosmic conglomerate that raises our energy levels and makes us want to accomplish things.

This kind of passion isn’t reserved for romance alone; it is the energetic force behind much of our decision-making; once again we want it done and we want it to be done with passion therefore everything we do during this time interval has the power to take us to the next level of our experience simply because we show up for changebig time

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This is also the kind of planetary transit that makes us see clearly, which can also be jarring. When we see our lives clearly, we can see the mistakes we are making, right now, AND this also gives us the ability to stop before we start.

We can change our minds about love, about career, we can even change our minds about how to live our lives. All of these changes will be exciting and charged with the power of transit itself.

Which zodiac signs will change their minds about love during Venus Sextile Pluto?

Zodiac signs that change their minds about love during Venus Sextile Pluto from October 2, 2021:

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

What should be curious to you about your intensity and passion in terms of love is the new change that is coming in you. You have always been in love; ready to jump in, change your life, do whatever it takes, and yet you’ve never felt like you can trust love to last.

Starting on October 2, 2021, Venus Sextile Pluto will bring a new perspective for you, in terms of love. Due to this planetary transit, you will be able to see something lasting and safe in your love life.

The change of heart you will have on Saturday is not one that releases love, but one that release your own lack of confidence. This is going to be a shining moment for you, Taurus, when you come into the idea that love is not something you waste your life on, but something you can believe in.

Confidence is here, Taurus, and that is very important to you. Allow yourself the passion of the relationship and the belief that it can last and be worthy of your trust.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

Venus in Scorpio Sextile Pluto will put you in the lead this time, Cancer. What this means is that he will finally accept the idea that he is his beloved; you are the number one.

You are the person who will bring you the most joy, and yes, although you may very well be involved with a partner or partner, that person is not as trustworthy as you are when it comes to loving you.

Passion is your business card; those who know you know that you come with a lot of intensity and that if you love someone, you work hard or you go home.

What can happen during this transit is that you may just want to go home… to your own home, where you can be in the company of someone you really trust: yourself.

Venus sextile Pluto is where you change your mind about the person you’re being intimate with; after all, they may just not be «the one.»

The good thing is that you agree with that idea; you are ready for whatever comes your way, because you love yourself and that gives you the strength to do whatever it takes, now and in the future.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

You’ve been on the verge of changing your mind in love for quite some time now, and with Venus Sextile Pluto hovering overhead, you’ll be considering acting on that mental pivot. Maybe this is where the line ends for you and your partner, maybe not.

If not, get ready for more of the same, day after day. Remember why you want the change – only you know, and as you remember, keep in mind that nothing changes if you don’t act on the urge to change in the first place.

You are at a crossroads, right now, Aquarius; you are bored, you want someone new, you want someone to save you, free you from the monotony that is your current relationship… you have put in your mind that ‘this is it’ and that it will never get better, so you must shut up and accept it , in the style of «it is what it is».

If you let this moment pass, you will dissolve into the great heap of plans you never intended to bring to fruition. Venus Sextile Pluto in Capricorn says, «Be brave. Change your life. Now. Do it.»