3 zodiac signs that are the luckiest in love on September 16

Every time the season starts to show changes, we can’t help but feel like we want to come together in love.

In other words, when the weather changes, we want to know that our love life is intact so that we can feel safe as the seasons change.

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We are in luck on this day, September 16, 2022, as there is much to rejoice about, romantic love-wise.

Of the transits that are on our side, we have the Moon sextile Jupiter, which automatically makes us feel hopeful about where we are going in our relationships, and that transit is supported by the Moon square Venus.

Together, these cosmic events make us feel like we can dream big and achieve anything we set our minds to. In love, whether or not we are with someone special, we feel that we can grow, or rather that there is nothing to stop the flow of positive energy.

If we can open ourselves up to deal with some of the positive energy, we can change our lives. We can enter the fall knowing that we are doing well in our current relationship, or we can feel very optimistic about finding the right person to share the last few months.

Whether we’re looking for a long-term commitment or a simple «trial» period of romantic love, we’re in for a treat. Certain signs will benefit more than others, but we all have a decent chance during this time.

The three zodiac signs that are the luckiest in love on September 16, 2022 are:

1. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

You go through the motions of feeling dissatisfied with your love life, but in the long run, you truly love the person you are with and have no intention of being with anyone but them.

During the square of the Moon with Venus, you will appreciate this person again, although you tend to throw them away as if they mean very little to you. They pamper you, and since they let you treat them badly, you have come to examine your own behavior: why do you treat them poorly?

It’s because you’re afraid they’ll treat you badly first and then you beat them to the punch. It’s his way of wielding power, but as the Fall approaches, he’s less inclined to start fights and more interested in knowing his love life is secure and not going anywhere unpredictable.

Look, this is your life and you will live it however you want, it is good that you are in an ‘appreciate the partner’ frame of mind because they surely appreciate you.

2. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Your love life is one of those experiences that either gives you everything you need, or just gives you pure disappointment. Fortunately, during this transit season, you will feel positive and good about the person you are with.

You want to be able to trust this person with your heart and soul, and they seem to be very respectful of who you are and what you bring to them. Your partner knows the kind of person you are and that when you’re good, you’re almost too good to be true and yet you’re the real deal when it comes to love, and that inspires them to be just as real. with you in return.

Having a Moon sextile Jupiter doesn’t hurt either, as this is the transit that will take you to the place where you will finally feel safe enough to just relax and trust in the future. Together, you and your person can carry this love to the end. Trust him and let the experience of love surprise you.

3. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

You fell in love a long time ago and you never stopped thinking about this person even though you finally left her and got together with another. You hold this person in pride of place in your heart, and during the Moon’s square to Venus, you may feel the need to get closer to them.

After all, it’s been so long and you’ve kept in touch with them, they’re also not involved with anyone they wish to stay with, and that might be the impetus for you two to finally give each other a second chance. .

You’ve never taken the idea of ​​a second chance so seriously, but today you see it as pure, attainable potential. A big surprise awaits you today, Capricorn, as it seems that many of you will get back together with that special someone; the one you’ve always loved.