3 zodiac signs that are the luckiest in love on September 13, 2022

Sometimes luck happens when both parties simply agree on something that affects their future together, and other times luck is about knowing that we are safe and secure in this relationship.

Don’t worry, this is how many perceive the concept of luck.

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Security is significant in ways that most people don’t even consider, as for some it implies that their future is set and there is nothing to worry about.

And while that’s ideal, many of us really like the idea of ​​believing that we have a lucky and happy future to spend with the person we love.

On this day September 13, 2022 we will have one of those transits that will help us achieve this feeling of security and stability and that transit is the Moon in Taurus.

While Taurus is, at times, associated with stubborn attitudes or lazy ways, this is the time when Taurus-based attributes work for us.

With our Moon moving into Taurus, we’re not tempted to step out of our comfort zone, and for some signs, we feel especially lucky to know that, during this time, we’re safe.

No one deceives us and no one lies. Today’s transit allows us to relax and simply enjoy the idea that life with the person we are with is good. No threats, no danger.

Read on to find out the horoscopes for Taurus, Virgo and Pisces and what makes September 13, 2022 the day they have the luckiest in love.

1. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You feel better than ever about the relationship you’re in, Taurus, and with the Moon in your zodiac sign, you feel right at home.

You are not one of those who need heavy dramas or extreme actions when it comes to love, in fact, what you are looking for is to feel safe; The days of taking chances are over for you, at least when it comes to love, and the way you feel today is that you and your partner are destined for glory. This is everything you ever wanted, and you feel more than lucky; it feels promising.

You feel that this is the culmination of all your intentions. It’s working, and you can laugh quietly because you know it is.

Even friends notice this about you and your partner, so don’t be surprised if someone says something like this to you today: «Wow, you guys are perfect together!» The truth? Yes you are. You are an intelligent, patient and balanced Taurus, and love is your destiny.

2. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Today you will enjoy your partner, since, for some reason, he is in a particularly funny mood. Lightness was what you needed, as things at home seemed to have taken on a heavy tone, and you know how that is: if it gets heavy, it gets tense, and honestly, you’re no longer prepared for anxiety.

They want peace, quiet, laughter, and light, and during the Moon in Taurus, they both feel very comfortable with each other.

It’s as if someone flipped a switch that allows them both to turn off the heavy so they can make room for change.

You both want your relationship to last forever, and that means you both have to be involved in the efforts to make it happen.

What they both love more than anything is what the Moon in Taurus brings: joy, laughter, and a lighter approach to just about everything.

3. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Now that he has discussed the idea of ​​staying together, permanently, with his person, now he is faced with the idea of ​​a future, spent with them. Does it make you nervous? Yes, a little, but it is a challenge that you think is worth investing in.

You trust your partner and that is a difficult task, especially during the Moon in Taurus, however, this transit has the ability to take our innate fears and distrust and turn them on their head so that we can see things from a different perspective.

Today is one of those days for you, and you will find that almost out of nowhere, you will see the idea of ​​commitment and ‘permanence’ as something good and noble; something to strive for. And why not, you may ask.

Taurus energy works to bring the two of you together in peace and security. Neither wants to rock the boat as they both recognize in the other the perfect opportunity for romantic bliss.