3 zodiac signs that are luckier in love on September 24

Lasting relationships seldom run like clockwork. Where there are human beings, there are weaknesses and personality clashes.

On this day, September 24, 2022, we will come to understand that if we want to be part of the success story that is our love life, then we too must endure difficulties in order to overcome them.

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Today brings us one of those transits: Venus opposes Neptune. This star game pits us against the person we are in a relationship with in order to force us to respond positively.

Venus is the planet of love and beauty; she won’t let us down, but she won’t let us have it all without showing signs of thoughtful effort.

If we want the success of a long-term love affair, we must show the universe that we can withstand the ups and downs of one.

Neptune works on our dreams, inner thoughts, and fantasy life. When we have transits of Neptune, we can begin to compare our real life with that of our fantasies.

Every time we compare things, we lose. The worst thing is to compare our lover with an ideal lover, one that only exists in the mind.

We may see some of this happen today, but the good news is that during Venus versus Neptune, we will realize that nothing is as good as what we already have.

Which three zodiac signs are the luckiest in love on September 24, 2022?

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

It’s not like you haven’t considered ditching all the effort when it comes to saving and salvaging your love life. You and your partner have been through some very difficult times together, and during the opposition of Venus to Neptune, you will feel like you are at the breaking point.

Still, the love is there and neither of you wants to end it, which means both of you will have to resolve the efforts that will bring you back together, as one.

You’re in luck, because first of all you’re Aries, and when you decide on something, it basically HAS to happen, and you also have the love and support of your partner, who really wants to try it. You are lucky in love today because you are smart enough to make it work, and that is what Venus opposite Neptune is all about.

2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Have you heard of couples who like to fight, just to feel alive and get to the point where they are reconciling? Well, you’re in a relationship like that. You enjoy getting hot and tense; it makes your blood boil and that makes you feel alive and relevant.

Today, during the opposition of Venus to Neptune, you will have another one of those famous fights of yours, knowing that fighting is simply foreplay in your world.

Every time you and your partner fight, you learn something new about each other, and that is the difference with you, Taurus; you are open to learning more about your partner. You want to know how they react under pressure, and you’re pleased to know that every time you do, you come out stronger.

This is how it goes today. This transit gives you the ultimate power to know that you literally cannot go wrong with this person. Both have become familiar with each other’s ways, and that brings them closer.

3. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Getting through the tough times is what you specialize in, and you certainly know how tough it has been between you and your longtime romantic partner. He’s been through it all, and while he doesn’t exactly like the tougher times, he sees these challenges as signs pointing him toward greater insight.

You are not in this for comfort, nor are you involved with your partner because you are bored with them. You want to grow with this person and during the opposition of Venus to Neptune, you will find that this is basically your style.

You will fight for them and you will fight against them, but no matter how you make this relationship work, you know one thing; you trust them, you are trustworthy in return, and this is the greatest love you will ever know, so why screw it up? You’re too smart for that, Gemini.